Customized Profile Decor for Catster and Dogster

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Last revised: 03/30/2010

We want to thank Dogster, Inc. for hosting the Frame_ID script on their server!

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This series gives some tips on how to decorate your pages at Dogster and Catster. The majority of it explains a method on how to alter the frame around your profile. It is divided into 3 parts: Introduction to the Frame Parts, Removing the Frame, and Create Your Own Customized Frame. So let's begin.

Introduction to the Profile and Frame Parts

The frame is made up of 4 parts.

BBoth the left and right frames start at the bottom edge of the top frame and continue down to the top edge of the bottom frame.

Map of Frame and Container IDs

There 3 more containers we need to identify.

Please note: #contentTable is the main container and many of the other parts sitting on TOP of it. Those parts include all of the frame pieces, #profileContent and #siteFooter.

Now that we have all of the pieces parts identified, we can proceed with how to use the IDs.

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