N Scale Clubs of North America

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A new survey is being conducted to repair broken links, update contact addresses, and verify/add information. Please be patient. It is our hope to start updating the information by the end of the month.

I have looked in a number of places trying to find an accurate list of model railroad clubs that have N scale operations. I not been able to find one list that has most of the clubs listed, where they are located, information about their membership, the type of layout they operate, the type of control system, and the point of contact. The listings on the associated web pages is as accurate as the reference source. The vast majority of the clubs have complete a survey providing the most basic of information.

There are three major sources from which I obtain information. The first source is a survey which I sent to clubs official point of contact. The second source is information I found on a Club website. The third and final source was information received via email from a club member. 

Since I started this website in 2004 there have been as many as 174 club names listed at any one time.

There are 133 clubs with and active website and/or point of contact

There are 14 clubs that may still exist but their website, if one had existed, disappeared along with the point of contact email address.

There are 3 clubs that have disbanded. 

There are 24 club names that have been mentioned on various websites and emails that I have not been able to locate a website or a point of contact. The status of these clubs (active, disbanded, name change, or merged with other organizations) is unknown.


Alabama - Florida Georgia - New Hampshire New Jersey - Pennsylvania
South Carolina - Wisconsin Private Layouts Canada
Disbanded Limited - No Information Lost Contact

My Information is only as accurate as the reference source.

Information Source

The source of information provided on this website comes from a number of different sources. Those sources include information found on the clubs website, information provided by a survey filled out by a club official representative, and information provided by a private email from a club member or official representative.

While it is attempted to keep in contact with each N scale organization it is the N scale clubs responsibility to provide the most accurate and current information.

For corrections or additional please contact me at  Nscale Clubs of North America

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