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AMiGA Info

Access the latest news, product announcements, press releases, and events from the Amiga International, Inc. or Amiga or homepages.

April 200 - Things in the Amiga world continue and are as interesting as ever.

December 2004 - AmigaOS4 native software is being released or updated almost daily. Merry Christmas and a Great 2005 to all for AmigaOS and Amiga hardware.

February 2004 - AmigaOS4 is now in betatesting and will soon be available to those with earlybird AmigaOne's. New screenshots abound at the Official AmigaOS Portal website. The AmiMozilla project now has almost $8700.00 in the reward. iBrowse2.4 is ever near, but part of the team is also working on AmigaOS4 thus a slight delay.

May/June 2003 - AmiZilla is an effort to get Mozilla ported to the Amiga by offering a money reward to the first person/team to successfully port Mozilla to the AmigaOS. As of early June 2003 over $4000 is in the booty with money donations continually being collected. CHECK IT OUT! Official OS4 Screenshots from Hyperion showing the default OS4 look. OS4 and AmigaONE on Tour 2003 see it live at the AUGS club in Basel, Switzerland in late June. OS4 on Tour 2003 will also be at the AmiGBG show in Gothenburg, Sweden at the end of June. Hyperion will be showing the latest OS4 beta on PPC hardware.

April 2003 - YAM (Yet Another Mailer) 2.4 was released this month. New features include hierarchical folders list, SMTP & POP3 TLS1/SSL3 support for stunnel servers, more powerful recipient "on the fly" string gadgets, e-mail address cache, extended mailto: links support, search function in write window, extended documentation, etc. The file manager DiskMaster v2.5RC10 was released with file paths support longer than 256 characters in anticipation of this OS4 feature and various bugfixes. AmigaOne SE and XE systems continue to be delivered to dealers and directly to end users. AmigaOS 4.0 still in beta testing. AlphaBase database full registered version and sources released to public for free. If you would like to further develop AlphaBase contact Olaf Kbnik for assistance. Other new software/updates released: AHI v5.5 RC1, PerfectPaint 2.925, A/NES CGFX 1.32 w/P96 support, MicroBase5.02, EvenMore 0.61 and more.

March 2003 - A new version of AmigAIM released (seperate internal rewrite still under development). AmigaOneG4-XE systems not released yet but expected to ship the later half of March with improved bootmenu and better memory handling. AmigaOS4 still in beta. Eyetech have announced work on a faster CPU module upgrade (probably G4@1.3GHz) for the AmigaOneG4-XE systems to be available later in the year for power users and biz.

February 2003 - iBrowse2.3 released! A new distributor IOSPIRIT will handle upgrades and new sales. Vastly improved javascript means more websites work than previously. Work on iBrowse2.4 is announced as an update to fix minor bugs found after the public release of 2.3 and to get the plugin API functional. Next major update will be iBrowse3.0 with CSS and DOM support.

December 2002 - Eyetech released and shipped to dealers and end users the earlybird AmigaOneG3-SE mobos and systems as promised before Christmas. The G4-XE systems were delayed because delivery of G4 cpus could not be guaranteed for delivery on the date Eyetech had requested. The AmigaOneG4-XE mobos and systems will ship late January 2003 and will come with the new revision of the Articia chip that was recently released. OS4.0 is in beta and as yet unreleased. Multiple processor support has been promised for the OS4.x series.

November 2002 - Eyetech and Amiga seperately make announcements for November. Eyetech are now offering for sale AmigaOneG3-SE models at 600MHz as well as AmigaOne-XE systems with a G4 cpu at 800MHz. They also say that early in 2003 they will offer the XE model in a G3 700MHz version. The defining difference between the SE and the XE models is that XE has a CPU socket while the SE does not. These "Earlybird" systems will ship before Christmas 2002. Systems will ship with LinuxPPC and UAE, and you will get OS4 for FREE if you order before Dec 31st 2002 OR OS4 ships, whichever comes first. The Eyetech link above gives all the details, plus a comparison chart between G3-SE, XE G4-800, and XE G3-700. Amiga announce new releases of "Amiga Games Pocket Paks Volumes 1 and 2" available around Thanksgiving for both the Pocket PC and Pocket Pc Phone Edition devices (Sendo and Orange). Each Pocket Pak contains 4 games and Amiga says they have two more Paks coming soon. A big boost is that these Paks will be available through several retailers in the USA including CompUSA and mmO2 retail locations in England. In other news iBrowse2.3 should be released at anytime.

August 2002 - Amiga Inc have released an update on and a webpage for Amiga OS4 Features. FroggerNG 2.0 betas are out with support for many previously unsupported video codecs for AmigaOS. Around 1000 people participated in the AmigaOne/AmigaOS4 $50 off coupon sale. AmigaOS4 will have a venerable market for developers from the beginning and can only grow.

June 2002 - Amiga Inc have a early promotion on AmigaOne/AmigaOS4.0 sales with a chance to win an AmigaOne with AmigaOS4.0. Pay $50 for a chance in the draw which counts $50 towards your purchase of an AmigaOne/AmigaOS4.0 plus you get a T-shirt too! The promotion ends July 7, 2002. Read about it here. The more people who enter the more AmigaOne/AmigaOS4.0 combos will be given away. Read about it plus more news from Amiga Inc this month such as Amithlon2.0 to be released for OS3.9 emulation fans! Also more info on redeeming the Party Pack coupons and why 2 products; AmigaDE and Amiga-Anywhere.

May 2002 - A lot has happened in the past two monthes. AmigaOS4 is getting near. Amiga Inc have made a subdomain on the site specifically for AmigaOS at the link, with specifically for the new AmigaOS4. Check out the OS4 pages. There are several screenshots of the OS4 GUI, OS4 menu system, and OS4 HDToolBox replacement. As OS4 nears shipping there will be many more screenshots from the new OS. AmigaDE has undergone a name change to better suit its concept and is now referred to as Amiga Anywhere with appropriate new domain names. A special version of Amiga Anywhere was released for MiscrosoftCE devices along with a game pack. In Eyetech's latest update they state that AmigaOneG3-SE boards for developers and betatesters are out in the field NOW. They also revealed tidbits of future AmigaOne motherboards with socketed CPUs upgradeable with G3/G4 and possibly G5 processors and a trade-in deal for your AmigaOneG3-SE board as an incentive for buyers to not wait for the future boards. Buy now and you will have a guaranteed trade-in price against the new boards. It will be several months before the new boards will ship so why wait. Details are available at AmigaOne Update.

March 2002 - Fleecy Moss posted on the AmigaOne mailing list on Yahoo!Groups that he had visited Eyetech's Alan Redhouse at home and saw an AmigaOne mobo hooked up and running LinuxPPC flawlessly and stable. The AmigaOne is ready for production and now the wait is on for AmigaOS 4.0 to be finalized from Hyperion. Eyetech are taking orders for the new AmigaOneG3-SE until Sunday March 24th for discounted developer/dealer/OS4 beta-tester boards/systems. These boards will have soldered on G3 processors at 600Mhz. The main production run of boards for consumers will be timed for release in May 2002 at the same time as OS4 is ready. Once AmigaOS and/or applications make use of Altivec G4 versions may be offered, but do not wait for a G4 since the success of the G3 mobo will directly influence whether a G4 is considered for a future board.

NEW - Boing-Bag #2 for OS3.9 is RELEASED!

February 2002 - Hyperion in an IRC Q&A state OS4 beta to be sent to betatesters in March with a consumer release a few weeks later along with a lot more info about OS4 developments. Eyetech show a working pruduction-ready AmigaONE motherboard at the ALT WOA show in the UK with better specs than listed on their website. Amiga's Bill McEwen announces their set-top box partner is Nokia.

January 2002 - Okay, so Amiga/Eyetech missed the promised November release dates for AmigaOS4.0 and the AmigaOne hardware. Amiga ran on short funding this summer which caused the delay, however, Amiga x86 (Amithlon/AmigaOs XL) and the AmigaDE player did ship (Windows and Linux versions) and The AmigaDE Shop launched where you can purchase which version of the Player you want and a growing assortment of games for it as well with other apps besides games coming soon. You can also rate what you buy and comment about it. I've heard about a USB controller recently released for Amiga computers. I've added the links in the Misc Hardware Links.

October 2001 - Amiga released the AmigaDE Player 1.0 for Windows and Linux the week of October 22nd, 2001. Versions of the Player are in development for PocketPC, EPOC, Palm, WinCE, and other systems to be released in the coming months. AmigaOS 4.0 PPC, Amiga x86 (run Amiga OS3.9 via emulation without Windows directly from PC hardware at bootup), AmigaDE 1.0, and AmigaOne PPC hardware due for release next month! ImageFX4.5 was recently released.

April 2001 - The Amiga2001 Show was a success with some major announcements from Amiga. A major surprise was the announcement that AmigaOS 4.0 PPC with 68k emulator will become reality later this summer. Amiga have decided to actively develop AmigaOS further and merge it later with the AmigaDE for their server class product line. OS4.0 will work only on zico spec machines which means it will require an AmigaOne1200 motherboard/card from Eyetech, or bPlan Pegasos motherboard. Elbox claim their SharkPPC plus PCI card will run OS4 also. Amiga laid out a basic roadmap for future development. OS4.2 and OS4.5 will come out at 6 month intervals with OS4.2 out before the end of this year according to Bill McEwen. OS5.0 should be out by late next year. AmigaOS will get Virtual Memory and Memory Protection, new 2d and 3D APIs, and sound. We get JAVA by default when the DE is running on AmigaOS (4.2). I won't go through all the details. A great site to read is Amiga Directions.

March 2001 - The Amiga2001 Show sponsored by the Gateway Computer Club in St. Louis, MO, is coming up March 30th through April 1st. Amiga Inc will be there and promise some exciting announcements.

February 2001 - First updates for Amiga OS 3.9 are available now but this is NOT a Boing Bag. It consists of updated locales for 20 languages and updated GenesisPrefs based on ReAction. SharkPPC cards are said to be on schedule.

January 2001 - Boing-Bag2 for Amiga OS 3.5 is released. The SharkPPC accelerator from Elbox is expected for release in February. It adds a G3/G4 processor to your A1200/A3000/A4000 which requires a MEDIATOR PCI card to plug into.

December 2000 - Amiga OS 3.9 shipped on Dec 4th! The latest incarnation of the original Amiga OS has bugfixes, new features, and a few shareware programs licensed to increase the value and usability of Amiga OS out of the box (a long standing tradition of Amiga OS without which AmigaBASIC, speech, AREXX, CrossDOS, etc., wouldn't have been available as part of the standard distribution). H&P have a more comprehensive set of Amiga OS 3.9 pages along with registration services and support area. Sales of 3.9 WILL directly affect whether or not Amiga Inc allow H&P to produce Amiga OS 4.0 PPC so if you want to see this DO NOT pirate 3.9, REPORT pirates, BUY it, tell your Amiga friends, and let's see more development on the classic OS! :-)

November 2000 - Amiga OS 3.9 announced and will ship early in December! Also BB2 is still coming with bug fixes only. The Amiga SDK 1.01 for Windows and Linux has been released for those interested to learning the new AmigaDE (Digital Environment). YAM2.2 released and now open source under the GNU License. Eyetech are making new expansion cards (AmigaOne 1200 and AmigaOne 4000) to turn the 1200/4000 models into AmigaOne class machines capable of running the new AmigaDE (due in 2001). FinalWriter and the "Final" line of products may see new revisions for both AmigaOS and the new AmigaDE.

October 2000 - A new, updated version of the Amiga SDK is due anytime. The new version will work under Windows. At the same time an update of the SDK for Linux will be released (a free update if you own the Amiga SDK 1.0 for Linux) to keep the two versions of the SDK in sync. Amiga Inc have been busy with many new partnerships over the past couple months. The Amiga Support Network has 3rd party software and CVS snapshots for the new Amiga OE downloadable for those that have the SDK environment (70 as of Sept 29th). Amiga have a new information page answering "What is Amiga all about?" This is the beginning of some public self promotion. Some new PCI bridge cards are in the works from a couple of Amiga companies with one promising a PPC add-on daughter card. H&P acquire publishing rights for STFax and Genesis TCP/IP, and release AmigaWriter 2.2 and ArtEffect 4.0. BoingBag2 is near, but no promises for a release date. MorphOS, a new PPC kernal based on PowerUP released with a few freeware/share apps released so far.. it disables 68k CPU and runs 68k apps in emulation and has no WarpUP support. Check the news sites for the lastest news and details.

June 2000 - Amiga Inc releases the Amiga SDK for the new Operating Environment. YAM 2.1 email client released. A lot of things are happening out there. Read the news sites! :-) BUY AMIGA OS 3.5!!!!! Boing Bag #2 still in development.

May 2000 - Still no news on OS3.5 BoingBag2, but H&P have been very busy with their productline with AmigaWriter 2.0 (word processor) and ArtEffect 4.0 (image processing and paint) due for release this month; StormC 4.0 C/C++ compiler is near, and the PPC kernal WarpOS 5.0. Other news - ParaGlide - 3D Module for Picasso IV due soon as well. Amiga have started an open developers mailing list for developers and gfx artists who wish to program or do gfx for programmers for the new Amiga platform only. Amiga Inc have also set up an official OS3.5 Support mailing list.

April 2000 - No new news on OS3.5 BoingBag2 yet. The Amiga webpage and mirrors are undergoing format changes. The new Amiga slogan is "That the World May Know." You'll see it a lot. It's already on the back cover of the April issue of AmigActive magazine. To read my show report from the Amiga 2k show in St. Louis click here. On the browser front iBrowse2.2 and Voyager3.1 are released. Both now support the FONT FACE tag, but only Voyager has a Shockwave Flash and PDF plugins. A Shockwave Flash plugin for iBrowse is in development as well as some other plugins.

March 2000 - BoingBag2 isn't out but the new March Amiga Excutive Update is a nice read. A new Amiga developer system will be given away April 1st at the Amiga 2k in St. Louis and you can meet and talk to the Amiga team there. The first Amiga DevCon will also be hosted at the show. Some new partnerships are revealed: Haage & Partner to provide APIs of the new AmigaOS to the "classic" OS, Porting all H&P products to the new Amiga, a new version of WarpOS (PPC kernal) that will run the new Amiga OS on PPC cards in our current Amigas! - Hyperion to port existing and new games to the Amiga - and Epic Marketing to port their existing and future games to the new system. The Amiga Dealer Network has been created and the AAC restarted. They've also hired many new people and been training with TAO. More partnerships will be revealed at the show. Amiga are also moving to a new location in mid-March, and the address and phone numbers have been updated below in the Amiga History section. They appear to have dropped the "Corporation" part of their name and now use "Incorporated."

February 2000 - Amiga OS3.5 BoingBag2 "might" be read by the end of this month. If you haven't bought OS3.5 you should! Over 12,000 copies sold so far (17,000?). Amiga gave H&P permission to continue developing the AmigaOS 3.6-4.0 etc and port it to PPC. Amiga will concentrate on the new Amiga OS with foundation partner Tao. Don't give up on your ole Amiga now. If the new OS materializes and prospers your old Amiga isn't going to stop working and your "classic" software will probably work under the new systems as well if all goes as planned.

January 2000 - Amino merges with Amiga becoming Amiga Corporation. Amiga announces a partnership with Tao-Group.

December 1999 - BUY your copy of Amiga OS3.5 now. It really is worth it. "Boing Bag #1" for registered owners of OS3.5 came out on Christmas Eve! It consists of bugfixes to the new OS and extensions such as animated icons! Don't forget to register OS3.5 :) A PPC native version of the real AmigaOS might be a possibility in 2000. Voyager3.0 final released late December. Gateway sells Amiga division to Amino Development Corp for $5-Million USD.

November 1999 - Phase5 PPC G4 cards delayed (may get AGP support). AmigaOS3.5 CD may sellout from the preorders requiring a new CD pressing! (That is a GoodThing(TM)). is now online and mirrors the and websites.

October 1999 - Amiga OS 3.5 is RELEASED and SHIPPING!!! Also AWeb 3.3 was released :)

September 1999 - Amiga OS 3.5 delayed until early October, but a special prerelease version was given out to a lucky few (50?) at the Australian show. Phase5 dropped the G3 cards, and are going totally G4! Cards are due soon. iBrowse2.1 was finally released in early Septemeber. Amiga lost Jim Collas as president and the next-gen Amiga box (MCC) is cancelled, but third parties are welcome to use the reference design to produce Amiga motherboards.

July 1999 - Amiga OS 3.5 to be released August 24th at the Downunder Amiga show in Australia. Amiga Inc changes mind about QNX and chooses the Linux kernal for the Next Gen OS kernal... this is bound to be interesting. Phase5 G3 cards w/ 2 USB ports due in September, and a new CyberVisionNG card is planned with specs of 2D/3D graphics chip 128bit 3D, max res 1920x1200x32 @72Hz, and full video acceleration to support full-screen, full-frame DVD playback with pricing of US$ 190 w/32MB RAM. Support OS 3.5 so we can have an improved OS3.6+ and let Amiga/Haage&Hartner know what you want improved in our "Classic" OS:)

June 1999 - Amiga OS 3.5 beta is shipping to beta testers NOW! Due for public release in August. Worldwide preorders for Amiga OS 3.5 are being taken now if you want to be the first on your block to receive it. Phase5 PPC G3/G4 cards expected to ship Sept/Oct.

April 1999 - PowerPC G3 & G4 accelerator cards without 68k CPUs onboard appear to be the new trend in Amiga accelerator cards. Currently 4 manufacturers are planning to make cards based on the PPC G3 or G4 processors with various expansions on-board. Looks like PPC cards will be as abundant as 060 cards in the near future with speeds starting at 300mHz for low end models! The 68k will be fully emulated with Haage & Partner's 68k emulator with their WarpOS kernal as the chosen PPC kernal, though Phase5's PowerUP kernal may not be dead for their G3/G4 card.

March 1999 - Amiga Inc's web site now appears to be a complete mirror of Amiga International Inc's web site instead of a seperate web site as it has been since it came online last year. Amiga OS3.5 may not be the last OS for the "Classic" line. Support OS3.5 and 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, even 4.0 are possible! Buy it and show your support!

AMiGA History

Hi-Toro Inc
later becomes
Amiga Inc.
Development of the Amiga custom chip set and OS begins as a videogame machine, but instead is geared towards a fullblown computer system.

Commodore-Amiga, Inc
1985 July 23rd - A1000 with AmigaOS 0.9 released. AmigaOS1.0 and 1.1 soon followed.
1987 A2000 and A500 with AmigaOS 1.2 released. AmigaOS 1.3 soon followed. Various configurations of these models are released (A500Plus, A1500, A1500Plus and A2500).
1990 April 24th - A3000 with AmigaOS 2.0 and ECS chip set is released, followed by A3000T. A3000UX released with UNIX System 5?. Some early A3000s came with OS1.4 which is a beta of 2.0. AmigaOS 2.1 soon followed.
1991 CDTV (AmigaOS 1.3)
1992 A600 (AmigaOS 2.0/ECS chip set) released.
1993 A4000 and A1200 with AmigaOS 3.0 and AGA chip set released. AmigaOS 3.1 soon followed.
1993/1994 AmigaCD with AmigaOS3.1 and AGA chip set released. A4000T released in small quantities.

1994 Commodore-Amiga, Inc files for bankruptcy.

1995 MacroSystems release the 68060 based DraCo an Amiga clone that doesn't use the Amiga's custom chipset.

Amiga Technologies GMbH
Production of A4000T and A1200 resumed.

Amiga International, Inc.
Amiga Inc.
1999 October 18th - AmigaOS 3.5 released.
1999 December 24th - Boing-Bag #1 (bugfixes, extensions) for OS3.5 released.

Amino Development Corp
later becomes
Amiga Corporation
Amiga International Inc 1999-Present
1999 December 31st - Amino buys Amiga name, trademarks, and inventory. Licenses Amiga patents from Gateway.
2000 June 3 - Amiga Inc releases the Amiga Software Developers Kit for Linux (v1.0) for the next generation Amiga platform.
2000 October 30 - Amiga Inc releases the Amiga Software Developers Kits for Windows (v1.01) (Linux version 1.01 updated - free update to registered 1.0 users).
2000 December - Amiga OS3.9 released.
2001 January 3 - Boing-Bag #2 for OS3.5 released.
2001 January 9 - Boing-Bag #2a (fixes minor problems with BB2) for OS3.5 released.
2001 March 31 - Boing-Bag #1 for OS3.9 released (ASyncWB major new feature).
2001 October ?? - AmigaDe Player 1.0 released (Windows and Linux versions).
2002 March 20 - Boing-Bag #2 for OS3.9 released.
2002 April 22 - Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 (a special version of AmigaDE with 4 games) exclusively for devices running WindowsCE/PocketPC is released.

World Headquarters
Amiga Incorporated
34935 SE Douglas Street
Suite 210
Snoqualmie, WA 98065

TEL: +001 425.396.5660
FAX: +001 425.396.6551

I've fleshed out the history a little. More indepth history coming soon. .

AMiGA Magazines

Print Magazines

Amiga Format (UK)
Amiga Minus (Poland)
Amiga Energy (UK)
AMIGA-Magazin (Germany)
Amiga Fever (Germany)
AmigaInfo (Sweden)
The Gateway(NewTekniques)(US)
AmigaOS (Germany)
Amiga Advis (Denmark)
AMIGA PLUS (Germany)
Amiga Rules (Russia)
Amiga Survivor (UK)
Enigma AMIGA Run (Italy)
Enigma AMIGA Life (Italy)
New AMIGA (Russia)
Amiga NEWS (France)
Totally Amiga (UK)
Amiga Japan (Japan)
Total Amiga (formerly Clubbed) (UK)
AMIGA special (Germany)
Amiga Future (Germany)
MIR AMIGI (World of Amiga) (Russia)

Online Magazines

Amiga Energy
Amiga Centrum (Danish site) Amiga Impact
Amiga Minus (Polish site)
Amiga Universe
AMIGA aktuell international
Amiga DATA
Amiga Forever
AMIGA Gadget
Amiga Update Newsletter
The Amiga Monitor dead?
Amiga News (German site)
Amiga News (French site)
Amiga Nutta Games Magazine
Amiga On Line
Amiga Report dead?
Amiga Scene
Amiga Times
Amiga Online Magazine
Amiga World (Official Amiga Inc Zine)
Amithyst Online Magazine
Boing Attitude
Dogma (Russian site)
First MEDIA Group
Fun Time Magazin
Generation Online
NoName Magazine dead?
Northwest Amiga Group Journal
Obligement (French site)
Phase 6
The Crypt
the newt
Amiga Storm

More coming as I find them.

If you you know other Amiga magazines, either print or online format, let me know.

AMiGA Models

I hope this list is complete.

AMIGA 4000
AMIGA 3000
AMIGA 2000
AMIGA 2500
AMIGA 1500
AMIGA 1500 Plus
AMIGA 1000
AMIGA 1200
AMIGA 500 Plus
DRACO (clone)
AmigaONE G3-SE
AmigaONE G3/XE
AmigaONE G4/XE

AMiGA Newsgroups

A complete list of Amiga related newsgroups. If don't see a group you think should be here, or should be removed, please notify me. Traffic varies by group. I do not subscribe to all these groups so I can't tell you usefulness of each. The "comp.sys" groups are usually higher traffic and more helpful.

Click the newgroup you want to read.

alt bbs.amiga.cnet

I've recently reworked the entire page. It should be very similar to what it used to look like, but now it should appear the same in ALL browsers. IE and NS had trouble rendering the tables correctly, and Amiga browsers displayed the page fine.

AMiGA News Sites

Some sites are updated more often that others, but many are updated on a daily basis.

Czech Amiga News
Amiga Network News
Amiga Sympan Network
Amiga Nation News
AmigaCentral News
AmiUpDate InfoStation
Moo Bunny

AMiGA Mailing Lists

These are the Amiga oriented mailing lists of which I am a member. There are many more out there.

I-Amiga (general info)
YAM (YAM email)
MD-2 (MicroDot2 email/news)
ibrowselist (iBrowse WWW browser)
Daytona (upcoming JAVA2 VM)
ImageFX (ImageFX image processing)
Miami-Talk-ml (Miami TCP/IP)
PowerUP (Amiga PPC)
PPClib (Amiga PPC)
Just-Amiga (general info)
AmigaOS35 (AmigaOS 3.5)
vp-ml (VisualPrefs GUI)
DryIce (upcoming WWW browser)
WarpUP (WarpUP PPC)
TeamAmiga (information)
AmigAIM (AOL Instant Messanger)
Amster (Napster client)
Fusion (68k Mac emul)
AOS3.5 (official AmigaOS 3.5)

AMiGA Dealers

This is the beginning of a list of Amiga dealers. Some also offer repairs.


Unitech Electronics Pty.Ltd

North America

Centsible Software
Computer Connection
Dan's Deals
De Vine Computer Sales
Dimensions Computers AMIGA
Extreme Computing
Forefront Technologies
FWD Computing
JW's Lil Shoppe (Washington)
LiveWire Systems
Magnetic Media Productions (Louisiana)
Mr. Hardware Computers
National Amiga
Computer Bargain Store
Randomize, Inc
Safe Harbor
Software Hut
Turtle Lightning Amiga Software
Wonder Computers International


Alive Mediasoft(UK)
Amont Informatique(France)
Analogic Computers Ltd (hardware sales/repairs)(UK)
APS (France)
Epic Marketing
FORE-MATT Home Computing(UK)
Javosoft Computer
Power Computing Ltd
RELEC Software & Hardware(Sweden)
Vesalia Computer(Germany)
White Knight Technolgy



AMiGA Developers & Distributors

Some Amiga developers, distributors, programmers. This list will grow as I find urls.

A-Heart Software
Access Innovation Ltd
Achim Stegemann
A.C.T. (Albrecht Computer Technik)
Airsoft Softwair
Alfonso "alfie" Ranieri
AmigaOne Productions
Amigan Software (James Jacobs)
Amitrix Development
Andy Wheeler
Apex Designs
Ato Concepts
Asimware Innovations Inc
Benny Kjr Nielsen
Chris Hodges
Colin Wenzel
Cremlin Software
Cyberbrain Computing
Darkage Software
Dave Arnett
Dave Searle
David Wettig
Delsyd Software
Denis Spach
Digital Images
Douglas F. McLaughlin
Dreamworlds Development
Elbox Computers
Engine Nine Design
EsseErre Software Solutions
Fairbrothers Educational Software
Finale Development
Frank Meyer-Pfauder
Frank Wille
Glenn Hisdal
Grasshopper LLC (Softlogik)
GVP-M (Great Valley Products - M Inc.)
Haage & Partner
Henk Jonas
Holger Jakob
H.W.S. Tools (Hans Werner Schober)
Hyperion Software
Interstitial Development (Joseph Fenton)
ith Kommunikationstechnik GmbH
Individual Computers
Innovative (Felix Schwarz)
Jacob Laursens
Jarmo Laakkonen
Javosoft Computer
Jesper Svennevid
Joanne Dow
Johan Palmqvist
Kato Development
Kees Coenradi
Legacy Maker, Inc
Lithium Software
Lucifuge Development
MantaSoft (Andrew Crowe)
Marcel Beck
Martin Gierich
Massimo Tantignone
Microcode Solutions
Mr. Hardware Computers
Mushroom Software (F1 Software)
NordicGlobal (Holger Kruse)
Nova Design
Oliver Roberts
Paul Hill
PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX (Andreas R. Kleinert)
Petsoft Limited Partnership
pinc Software
Ralph Torchia
Ramjam Consultants Ltd.
rbm digitaltechnik
REBOL Technologies
Richard Smedley
Ron Goertz
Ron Tennebekk
Sebastian Bauer
Siamese Systems Ltd
SnorsleX Programs (Lorens Johansson)
Steeple Software
Stefan Kost
Stephan Rupprecht
Stian Strom
Dave "Targhan" Crawford
The World Foundry
Thomas Igracki
Thomas Wenzel
Titan Computer
Toysoft Development Inc
Troels Walsted Hansen
Trogladite Software
Ultima Thule Software
Unsatisfactory Software
Vaporware (Oliver Wagner)
Willem Mestrom
young monkey studios
Zeus Developments (Ian Chapman)

AMiGA Shows

A listing of annual or semi-annual Amiga shows. Help me fill this space. :)

AmigaFest (USA midwest)
AmiWest (USA west coast)
Gateway Computer Show (USA midwest)
Kickstart Amiga Show (UK)
World of Amiga (UK)
AmiGathering (GR) - Contact info
Amiga Expo (USA east coast)
AmiGBG (Gothenburg, Sweden)

AMiGA User Groups

This is the beginning of a list of user groups.


Amiga Users Group Inc (AUG) (Melbourne)
Amiga Downunder UG (ADUG) (All of AU)


AMIGA Computer Users of Edmonton (AmiCUE)
The Amiga Users of Calgary (AMUC)



Amiga North Thames (ANT)
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AMiGA Links - General

The Amiga has a large presence on the internet. One can find almost anything online that there is to know or want for the Amiga. Following are some Amiga sites any Amiga user should check out.

  • Amiga - Amiga in USA.
  • Amiga International, Inc. - Amiga in Germany, a mirror (in english).
  • - Another mirror of the Amiga website.
  • Amiga User Group Network - info and support for Amiga user groups.
  • Amiga Developer Network - info and support for Amiga developers.
  • The Amiga Games Database - A large collection of Amiga games reviews by Amiga games players.
  • Czech Amiga News - Latest and greatest Amiga news (new programs, updates, happenings, etc).
  • Aminet at Wustl - Largest archive of freeware/shareware/demo Amiga software with several mirror sites. This is the main site.
  • Virus Help Denmark - Amiga Anti-virus programs and resources.
  • AmiBench Stores Database - Lists all Amiga dealers worldwide.
  • Amiga Scene PowerUP - Nicely done listing of Amiga PPC programs on Aminet seperated by main Aminet catagories with links to .lha and .readme files.
  • The Amiga Clinic - A nicely done "Help" site for your Amiga.
  • AmigaOnLine.NET - National (USA) internet access. Over 600 dial-up numbers
  • AmigaZone - Amiga online service and resource since 1985!
  • Wirenet Amiga Internet - the first Amiga-specific Internet access provider in the UK
  • GAUHPIL - Geographical Amiga Users Home Page Internet List
  • - Searchable information and download links for system files (libraries, datatypes, devices)
  • COSA - Campaign to Open Source the Amiga.
  • Amiga Yellow Pages - Comprehensive list of Amiga companies, services and organisations.
  • Big Book of Amiga Hardware - Extensive documentation and information about a variety of Amiga peripherals (pictures, jumper settings, etc).
  • Workbench Nostalgia - Information about past (and future) releases of Workbench including some screenshots
  • CD32-Alliance - Info about the Amiga CD games console and its expansions and software.
  • Built With Amiga Software - campaign designed to promote the Amiga as a serious Internet computer with info about Amiga internet software, Amiga-supporting ISPs and more.
  • ATO - Amiga Translator's Organization, get your Amiga program translated into several languages (for programmers).
  • Amiga Link Directory - One of the many new web directories of Amiga links.
  • TUMULT - The unofficial MUI custom class list. Keep track of most of your MUI custom classes.
  • MUI Classes - Another MUI custom class list site. Seems to be more updated than TUMULT.
  • Team AMIGA Central - Homepage of Team AMIGA!
  • Marcel Devoe's Amiga Overclocking Pages - Learn how to overclock your Amiga and share your overclocking experiences.
  • Amiga Showcase - Website focusing on 3D graphics with points of view, reviews, and some tutorials for Cinema4D.
  • Amiga Home Automation - turn your Amiga into a home automation wizard and let it control your entire home lighting, audio-visual, and/or home security needs and much more.
  • Amiga Realm - A good Amiga resource.
  • Russian AMIGA - An Amiga site mainly in Russian.
  • AIC - Amiga Information Center - a nice site in Russian (has English translation).
  • The Amiga Resource - Another site of Amiga links, faqs, etc.
  • PowerPC World - Amiga PPC with much info and news.
  • AmiPal - general Amiga oriented site with hardware/software review, and semi-daily news.
  • AmiDog's Emulation Corner - Site dedicated to Amiga 68k/PPC versions of computer and gaming system emulators for NES, SNES, N64, M.A.M.E., M.E.S.S., C64, PlayStation, gameboy, AtariLynx, Atari2600, Sega Genesis, etc.
  • - ARexx Scripts - An assortment of handy ARexx scripts. Help this guy fill it with more useful scripts.
  • Doc Datatypes Page - homepage for a set of document datatypes which give Multiview and any other text-based datatypes view the ability to view a multitude of popular PC, Mac, Amiga, Psion, and Atari word processor file formats. The author is open for suggestion on new file formats. (Word, WordPerfect, Write, Ms Works, RTF, WordStar, Psion Quill Doc, etc)
  • - well done unofficial site covering the Amiga SDK
  • AmigaRing Homepage - Amiga webring in existence since September, 1996, with links to all sorts of Amiga related pages on the net.
  • Unofficial AmigaOS 3.5 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (answered).
  • Official AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (answered).
  • AmigaOne dev list FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (answered).
  • The Amiga Mall - Storefront at Amiga for software, apparel, and accessories.
  • Amiga-Hardware - A german site about Amiga hardware.
  • Geek Gadgets Archive - compendium of popular development tools and utilities from the Free Software Foundation (FSF), BSD and other sources.
  • Da SixK Port Page - offers ports of MySQL and Apache, and a few other ports.
  • Amiga World - The Friendly Chatroom - Amiga chatroom / channel on IRC for Amiga users and general topics. (homepage)
  • The AmigaDE Shop - Your One-Stop shopping location for the AmigaDE Player to run on Linux or Windows (more OSes soon) and a growing assortment of game titles (more types of apps coming soon.)
  • Quantum Leap - Website devoted to NextGen Amiga mostly in Italian with some English pages.
  • Amiga-DSL-FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about using DSL on the Amiga.
  • Official AmigaOS Portal - The official Amiga Inc site for AmigaOS.
  • AmigaOS4 Homepage - The official Amiga Inc website for AmigaOS4.
  • The Amiga-Anywhere Shop - Your One-Stop shopping location for the AmigaDE Player (Amiga Anywhere)to run on Linux or Windows (more OSes soon) and a growing assortment of game titles (more types of apps coming soon.)
  • Back to the Roots - A site dedicated to preserving and sharing downloads of formerly commercial/shareware Amiga software.
  • AmigaONE: Latest news, links, and info - Nicely done site all about the new Amiga systems.
  • Annuaire Amiga Francophone - French-speaking Amiga Directory in French language.
  • Amiga Games Hit Parade - A site dedicated to ranking the best Amiga games and promoting the development of new games in the genres that are most popular.
  • AmigaSearch - Search engine for Amiga related websites.
  • Future Amiga Serious Software - List of serious software under development for the Amiga (AmigaOne and AmigaDE versions) with links.
  • AmiZilla - Effort to get Mozilla ported to the Amiga by offering a money reward to the first person/team to successfully port Mozilla to the AmigaOS (Mozilla Firefox also counts). As of early April 2005 over $9458 is in the booty with money donations continually being collected. CHECK IT OUT!
  • OS4 Depot @ - self titled "One stop for OS4 files."
  • Amiga Technical Resource - A site with some good information not easily found elsewhere.

AMiGA Software Links

The Amiga may not have all the "big name" software behind it, but it has a nice selection of internet, productivity, and entertainment software available both commercial and shareware and freeware. In the following space are excellent software by category. If you know of more please tell me. Most of the software below requires AmigaOS2 or higher. Everyone should now be using OS3.9 anyways, and OS3.9 requires the 3.1 ROM to work. Come on, OS3.1 is itself OLD! Why use anything even OLDER...? (Okay maybe for old software compatibility, but do yourself and the Amiga developers a favor and support NEW software.) Ok, enough of that ranting. Where possible there are links to the homepage of the software or a direct link to download it from Aminet at Wustl or Aminet at Uni-Paderborne, if no homepage is known. More software and links will be listed as I find time and receive suggestions. This list is by NO MEANS a complete listing of each catagory of software. Browsed through a complete Aminet mirror lately.. and that's just the freeware/shareware stuff.

I've classified the software as commercial, shareware, freeware, giftware, etc, if I have the classification wrong please let me know and it will be changed ASAP. Specific details are listed after the product name. PPC support is listed when known. Originally I intended to only list actively developed products, now I have included some that are no longer developed. If you want to support active developers then buy products that are still developed.

Internet and Comms Software

TCP/IP Stack
  • Miami (Easy modem/ethernet dialup w/ one interface) shareware/commerical
  • AmiTCP/Genesis commercial
  • Miami Deluxe (More powerful w/ multiple interfaces) shareware/commercial
  • Termite TCP commercial
  • mlink (emulates a SLIP connection, requires shell access on ISP) freeware?
HTTP Web Server Networking
  • Envoy 3 commercial
  • ParNet (parallel port networking) freeware
  • SerNet (serial port networking) freeware
  • Siamese (serial or ethernet) commercial
  • Samba (share files/printers etc with Windows PCs) freeware
  • MagPLIP freeware
  • ProNet (parallel port networking) freeware
  • SMB-Connect (suite of utilities for networking to Windows PCs) freeware
  • VVA (VNC viewer for Amiga [Virtual Network Computing]) freeware?
  • AVNC (VNC server for Amiga [Virtual Network Computing]) freeware?
  • AmiVNC (another VNC project) freeware?
  • Portal Opening 2 (remote administration tool similar to PC utility "PC Anywhere") screenshots freeware
  • cnet.device (PCMCIA Network Card driver for modems/ethernet) freeware
  • pcmser.device (PCMCIA modem driver) freeware
  • Back Orifice (virtual control by network of Windows95/98) freeware
  • Netbus (remote administration and spy tool) freeware
  • YAM freeware
  • Thor (email/newsreader) shareware
  • VooDoo commercial
  • AirMail Pro commercial
  • Iris shareware
  • StarGate (PPC MIME encoding/decoding) (email/newreader)(formerly commercial) freeware
  • Eucalyptus shareware
  • AEMail shareware
  • Amiga PINE freeware/LI>
  • Amiga ELM freeware
  • Mutt (powerful text-based MIME mail client) freeware
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) for your E-Mail WWW Browser IRC Clients IRC Daemons (Servers)
  • UnrealIRCd (Advanced IRC Daemon Based On Elite-IRCD) freeware
  • More Coming soon...
Newsreader CUSeeMe Chat/TALK
  • AmiComSys shareware
  • AmTALK shareware
  • AmiAIM (formerly 'Aimcik')(AOL Instant Messenger client) freeware
  • AmigAIM (AOL Instant Messenger client) freeware
  • gegAIM (AOL Instant Messenger client) freeware
  • Jabberwocky - Amiga Jabber client (Jabber/ICQ/AIM/MSN/Yahoo/IRC client)(formerly shareware) opensource
  • AmTelnet (SSH support) shareware
  • NaspaTerm (newer version included with AmiTCP) freeware
  • MiamiTelnet (requires Miami Deluxe)(SSH support)
  • TelSer.device (use any terminal program for telnet) freeware?
FTP Clients
  • SimpleFTP shareware
  • AmFTP shareware
  • mFTP (old) shareware
  • FTPmount (Use FTP sites as if on your hard drive) shareware?
  • AmiFTP shareware
  • MiamiFTP (requires Miami Deluxe)
  • mFTP II (upgrade discount offer from AmFTP) shareware
  • GoFetch! (similar to Go!Zilla or FileHound for the PC - FTP/HTTP client) shareware
  • AmiTradeCenter (ATC) freeware
FTP Daemons (Servers)
  • AmiFTPd shareware
  • More coming soon...
Terminal (dial up your local BBS's)
  • VLT freeware?
  • term (multi-archive) shareware?
  • AmTerm shareware
  • Termite commercial
  • NComm shareware?
Webcam Viewer ICQ BBS Systems Fax Software Miscellaneous Internet
  • FACTS (GUI based clock synchronisation program - SNTP) freeware
  • Amster (Napster mp3-sharing client) freeware
  • aNapster (Napster mp3-sharing client) freeware?
  • Weather Experience (keep track of your weather) shareware
  • TaskiSMS (Short Message Service client - Send SMS messages to cellphones and other devices)
  • Privoxy (advanced web proxy to prevent pop-ups, protect privacy, remove ads, etc) opensource
  • AmiNetRadio (Listen to Shoutcast streams on your Amiga with fuly skinable interface) freeware?
  • Contact Manager (centralized bookmarks/contacts manager - supports Voyager, iBrowse, and AWeb) GPL

Graphics Software

Image Processing Vector Graphics Drawing and Viewers
  • DrawStudio 2.x commercial
  • ProVector 3 (old but good) commercial
  • DesignWorks 2 (good basic program) commercial
  • XTrace (tracer to convert bitmap pictures to vector pictures (like AI, EPS, FIG, IFF DR2D or DXF files) shareware
  • MetaView (view/convert most vector gfx formats to other vector gfx formats) shareware
Picture Viewer
  • Show (68k/PPC) freeware
  • MysticView (supports CGFX/P96 and native screens) shareware
  • Visage freeware
  • CyberView (requires CGX/P96) freeware
  • CyberWindow (requires CGX/P96) freeware
  • PowerView (PPC-only) freeware
  • CyberShow Pro (viewer/slideshows/manager) shareware
  • PPCjpeg (PPC-only)(jpeg format only for now) freeware
  • ViewTek (doesn't like graphics cards) freeware?
  • PhotoAlbum shareware
  • PhotoFolio (Picture cataloguer/browser) commercial
  • Cycas (architectural 2D/3D) commercial
  • AGeo-CAD (survey - GeoTechnical landscape creator)(beta version) freeware
  • AmiCAD (Schematics vectorial electronics) freeware?
  • ChimiCAD (chemical - 2D molecular structure) shareware
  • MagnifiCAD (general CAD) shareware
  • Plans3D (general CAD) freeware?
  • XCAD (general CAD)(no new development) shareware?
  • SchematicCAD (electronic) shareware?
  • DynaCADD (general CAD)(no new development) commercial?

  • Link to download demo or unregistered version of most CAD programs listed
Multimedia Processing/Effects
  • UltraConv commercial
  • MainActor Broadcast commercial
  • SCALA MM400 commercial
  • X-DVE (68k/PPC) commercial
  • VideoFX commercial
  • MovieShop commercial
  • Millennium (a collection of software, scripts, effects, fonts, backgrounds, and other content designed to update your Video Toaster and Flyer dramatically) commercial
  • Hollywood (Multimedia application layer which provides a script language together with advanced functions that allow you to create your own multimedia applications which range from a simple slideshow to a complex game.)(SCALA and PowerPoint plugins coming soon) commercial
Paint/Animation 3D/Raytracing
  • LightWave 3D commercial
  • Imagine (68k/PPC) commercial
  • POV-Ray freeware
  • Cinema 4D commercial
  • Aladdin 4D commercial
  • World Construction Set commercial
  • RayStorm (68k/PPC) shareware
  • Tornado3D (68k/PPC) commercial
  • Monzoom (68k/PPC) commercial
  • Pixel3D Pro (converts 17 3D formats, etc) commercial
  • RayLab (CLI based raytracer similar to POV-Ray)(PPC) freeware?
  • World Construction Set commercial
Scanner Drivers
  • ScanTek (MicroTek, Mustek) shareware
  • ScanQuix (Epson, HP, Canon, Mustek, Artec, UMAX)(68k/PPC) commercial
  • ScanTrax (HP, Epson)(68k/PPC) shareware
  • BetaScan (HP, Epson, Canon, Microtek, Vuego, Apple, Acer, Agfa SnapScan, Paragon, ScanExpress, Trust) freeware?
  • ArtecScan (Artec Viewstation 6000CPlus/AT3/AT6) shareware
  • ICS (Scanner Color Calibration)(not a driver) freeware
    NOTE: Many paint and image processing packages include internal support for some scanners and some of these external programs.
Drawing Tablet Drivers
  • Tableau LT/Pro/Pen Partner/Graphire (4 drivers to support all Wacom, Genius, and Summagrahics compatible graphics tablets) commercial
  • PenPartner (Wacom IV style tablets: A3, A4, A5, ArtPad) freeware
  • FormAldiHyd (Wacom IV/Sumagraphics/Aldi-Medion MD 9310/Aldi-Tevion LT 9310/AipTek HyperPen 6000 graphic tablet driver) freeware/giftware
  • MultiLiveCam Pro (supports multiple webcams PAL/NTSC via VLab) commercial
  • Elastic Dreams (realtime morphing)(68k/PPC) commercial
  • PanCanvas 2 (ImageFX Add-On... make animations from large images ... output frames, anims, FlyerClips, and Jstreams) commercial

Office Productivity Software

Word Processing Spreadsheet
  • TurboCalc commercial
  • FinalCalc commercial
  • StarAm Plan shareware
  • FinalData commercial
  • SuperBase4 (Personal/Pro/RunTime) (Professional Relational or Distrubuted Database versions available) commercial
  • Amiga mSQL (Mini SQL database engine) freeware *** Where did it go? ***
  • Twist commercial
  • MUIbase (relational database) shareware
  • Fiasco shareware
  • MicroBase (German language)(imports/exports several formats) shareware
  • MySQL (SQL database port) freeware
Office Suites Desktop Publishing
  • PageStream commercial
  • ProPage (sort of old) commercial
Text Editor Text Viewer
  • NEXT (plain text, html, M$ Word) freeware
  • TextView (plain text) shareware
  • EvenMore (plain text, ANSI text, auto AmigaGuide to Text conversion) freeware
File Management PDF/Acrobat Viewer
  • Xpdf freeware
  • GhostScript (PDF,PS + printing) freeware
  • POST/HWGPOST giftware
  • Apdf (68k/PPC)(Can print via GhostScript)(Vpdf plugin for Voyager3.1+ web browser also available) freeware
Business Management
  • Retail Escort (POS/Inventory/Accounting/Management) commercial
  • Video Escort (Videography Business Accounting, Management) commercial
  • Freelance Escort (Freelance Business Accounting, Management) commercial
  • Payroll Plus (control & track payroll costs) commercial
  • Business Master (A/R, A/P, G/L, Invoices, Billing, Inventory, Payroll, Client List) commercial
  • CSM (Service Manager) (Invoicees, Billing, etc) freeware (new version coming commercial again)
Accounting and Financial Software


  • Soliton (klondike & freecell) giftware
  • FreeCell freeware
  • Klondike AGA freeware?

  • Note: With Soliton and Klondike AGA you can change card sets and many are available on Aminet.
  • vchess shareware
  • uchess freeware?
  • Battle Chess (old but good) commercial
  • PIGbase4 shareware
Misc. Games
  • Tile Fall (similar to SameGame) freeware
  • Moria (RPG) freeware
  • Marryampic (memory game) freeware?
  • WBsteroids (Asteroids) freeware
  • MegaBall (Arcanoid clone with many options) shareware/commercial
  • ThinkAMania (memory game) shareware
  • WBWort (Scrabble clone) freeware
  • Angband (RPG based on Moria/Hack with many variants) freeware
  • Crazy 8's freeware
  • Petris (Tetris) freeware?
  • MiniArcanoid (WB Arcanoid game) freeware?
  • Gallowz (Hangman) freeware
  • FreeCiv (open source clone of Civilization I/II w/ network playing capability) freeware
  • Amiga Crossword Deluxe (GREAT! uses Across Lite file format) freeware
  • HBMonopoly (Monopoly board game with network playing capability) freeware
  • Worm Wars (worm/tron type game) shareware
Gaming System (Console) Emulators
  • MAME (multi-arcade)(68k/PPC PUP) freeware
  • MAME/NeoMAME (multi-arcade)(PPC WUP - AmiDog's port) freeware
  • WarpMAME/Neo-Geo only WarpMAME (multi-arcade)(PPC WOS) freeware
  • Snes9X (Super Nintendo)(PPC) freeware
  • MasterGear (Sega Master System/Game Gear) freeware
  • MESS (Multiple Emulation Super System)(PPC PUP) freeware
  • MESS (Multiple Emulation Super System)(PPC WUP - AmiDog's port) freeware
  • TrueReality (Nintendo64)(PPC WUP) freeware
  • AmiGenerator (Sega Genesis/MegaDrive)(68k/PPC WUP) freeware
  • WarpSNES (Super Nintendo)(PPC) freeware
  • darkNESs (Nintendo) freeware
  • AmiMasterGear (Sega Master System/Game Gear) shareware
  • A/NES (Nintendo) freeware?
  • Wzonka-Lad (Nintendo GameBoy) shareware
  • GBE (Nintendo Gameboy)(PPC WUP) freeware
  • coolNESs (Nintendo) shareware?
  • DarcNES (Replaces 'ColEmu') (MasterSystem/GameGear/SG-1000/NES/PC-Engine/ColecoVision)(PPC WUP) freeware
  • Stella (Atari2600) freeware
  • Handy (Atari Lynx)(PPC WUP) freeware
  • softvms (Dreamcast VMU) freeware
  • SOPE (Sony Playstation)(PPC WUP) freeware
  • Nostalgia (Not an emulator, but a GUI front end for many of AmiDog's and other's emulators)

Audio and Video Software

  • GMPlay (software MIDI player NO GUI) freeware
  • MrMIDI (GUI for GMPlay) shareware?
  • Sample-X (MIDI driven sample player - requires external sequencer or MIDI keyboard) shareware
GFX Card Driver Software MPEG Audio Players
  • AmigaAMP (68k/PPC) "supports WinAMP Skins" freeware
  • MPEGA/mpega.library (68k/PPC) freeware/giftware
  • AMPlifier "supports WinAMP skins" (MPEG, AIFF, MAUD, WAVE, and RAW) shareware
  • SongPlayer (MPEG, IFF, AIFF, WAVE, AU, CDDA) freeware?
  • Prayer2 (supports different GUIs "Robes")(MPEG, WAVE, CDDA, datatypes) shareware
  • JoRMaMP (for low-end Amigas) freeware?
  • AmiAMP (offers different GUIs including WinAMP skins)(68k/PPC) freeware
MPEG Audio Encoders MPEG Video Players
  • ISIS(68k) & ISISPPC(PPC only) (Supports MPEG1 video w/ sound) freeware
  • AMP (PPC only) (Supports FLI/FLC, AVI, QT, and MPEG1/2 video streams w/ sound) shareware
  • aMiPEG freeware
  • Frogger (68k/PPC)(Supports PSXVideo/MPEG1/2 video w/sound) shareware
  • ripley (68k/PPC) freeware
  • vmpeg (PPC only)(supports MPEG1/2 video w/sound) freeware
  • RiVA (MPEG-1 Video) shareware
  • akMPEG (68k/PPC) shareware
AVI and Quicktime Video Players
  • CyberQT (Quicktime) freeware
  • CyberAVI (AVI) freeware
  • qt (Quicktime) freeware
  • MooVId (AVI/Quicktime)(68k/PPC) shareware/commercial
  • PIV-MooVId (AVI/Quicktime)(Requires PIV graphics card) freeware
  • MaVi-Player (AVI, Quicktime, IFFAnim, GifAnim, AIFF, WAV) shareware
  • SoftCinema (PPC only)(AVI/Quicktime) shareware
MODule and Sound Players
  • Delitracker (MODs/datatypes/various formats) shareware
  • Eagleplayer (MODs/datatypes/various formats) shareware
  • Play16 (WAV, VOC, AU, MAUD, AIFF, IFF, RAW) freeware
  • MCDPlayer (Audio CD player) freeware?
  • HippoPlayer shareware?
  • AmorelPlayer (octamed, med, Digibooster, IFF-8bit samples) shareware
  • PowerPlayer (supports around 30 MODule formats) shareware
Audio Sampling/Editing/Sequencers


System Enhancers & Utilities
  • MagicMenu giftware
  • MUI shareware
  • NewIcons freeware
  • Visual Prefs shareware
  • StartPanel shareware
  • AHI (PPC Pup and WOS versions in dev) shareware -
  • Birdie (random patterns in window borders!) freeware
  • KingCon (console-handler replacement) freeware
  • LHA (compress/decompress LHA files) shareware
  • Zip/UnZip (compress/decompress ZIP files) freeware
  • TBClock freeware?
  • Executive (task scheduler for increased system performance) shareware
  • HappyENV (ENV handler, great for those with low memory, speeds up booting, etc) freeware
  • MUI-ASL (nice MUI'fied enhansed ASL file requester) freeware?
  • AmigaFileRequester (enhanced file requester replacement) shareware
  • FBlit (Use fast ram instead of chip ram for graphics operations) freeware
  • Scion freeware
  • Family Connections commercial
  • My Family Tree comercial (old)
PC Emulation
  • PC Task (486 emul, runs DOS, Win3.1, Win95) commercial
  • PCx (586 emul runs DOS, Win3.1. Win95 doesn't work) (PPC version in the works for speed and should run Win95+, probably a plugin for FusionPPC) commercial
  • There are other older PC emulators out there that will run DOS. Not sure if any will run Win3.1.
MAC Emulation
  • ShapeShifter (68k Mac emul) freeware
  • Fusion (68k Mac emul) commercial
  • iFusion (PowerMac emul, no ROM required, runs MacOS 8.6-9.1) commercial
  • Basilisk II (68k Mac emul open-source) freeware
Alien Filesystem Support
  • CrossMAC Read/Write/Format MAC media commercial
  • CrossDOS Read/Write/Format MS-DOS/PC-DOS/Atari ST media commercial
  • xfs (Read MSDOS/Win95/Mac/ql/minix/archimedes/cpm/1541/1582/spectrum - Write MSDOS/Win95/ql/minix) freeware?
  • fat95 (Read/Write/Format Win95/98) freeware?
  • MSD95 (Reads FAT12/16/32 and Win95 long filenames) freeware
Amiga Filesystems (other than original)
  • PFS 3 (older version called AFS) (supports longer filenames and faster than FFS, more support tools than SFS) commercial
  • SFS (supports longer filenames and faster than FFS) freeware
Amiga Emulation
  • Amiga Forever (w/ legal OS/ROM 1.0-3.0 and commercial software bundle) commercial
  • UAE (68k/PPC also available for other OSes) freeware
Astronomy Enhanced Printer Drivers and Utilities
  • TurboPrint (68k/PPC) commercial
  • Studio Printer II commercial
  • CanonDisk (CanonStudio is shareware but these drivers are the official free drivers from Canon Europe) freeware
  • ESCUtil (EPSON Stylus COLOR Series Utility) e-mailware
  • There are many printer drivers on Aminet that use the standard OS printer drivers.
Virus Checker/Killer
  • Virus Checker II shareware
  • VirusZ III shareware
  • CheckX freeware
  • Virus Workshop shareware?
  • VT shareware?
  • TUP (The Ultimate Protector) freeware
  • Virus Executor freeware
Disk Utilities
  • DiskSalv commercial
  • QuarterBack/Quarterback Tools commercial
  • Diavolo Backup Pro commercial
  • ReOrg (defrag) shareware?
CD-ROM/CD-R Driver/Making Software Font Editing/Conversion
  • TypeSmith (convert between PostScript, TrueType, Compugraphic, Intellifont and PageStream format fonts, or make your own fonts from scratch) commercial
  • FontMachine (effects) commercial
  • Cloanto Personal Fonts Maker commercial
  • Typeface freeware?
PS Type 1 and True Type Font Support Programming Languages
  • SAS/C (C/C++)(68k/PPC) (available used) commercial
  • StormC (C/C++)(68k/PPC) commercial
  • vbcc (C) freeware
  • Python freeware
  • Hisoft C++ (C/C++) Lite/Developer commercial
  • Hisoft BASIC commercial
  • Hi-Speed Pascal commercial
  • Blitz BASIC commercial
  • Amiga-CLISP (Common Lisp) freeware
  • GCC/GCC-WarpUP (C/C++/Obj-C)(68k/PPC) freeware
  • DICE C (C) freeware
  • AMOS Pro freeware?
  • Amiga E freeware
  • Free Pascal opensource
  • JVP (Jey Visual Pascal) demo/shareware -
  • AREXX (REXX)(comes with OS2.0-3.5+)
  • REBOL freeware?
  • Devpac (68k Assembly) commercial -
  • EGCS (replaces GCC)(68k/PPC) freeware
  • StormPower ASM (PPC Assembly) commercial
  • Secal commercial
  • CanDo commercial
  • Asm-Pro (68k Assembly) opensource
  • PureBasic (68k/PPC) shareware
  • JForth (subroutine threaded Forth) freeware
  • power d freeware
  • PPC680x0 (converts 680x0 source code to PPC source code, and a power 680x0-based programming language ie. program the PPC as an ultra fast 68060) commercial
  • SOFA (SmallEiffel) freeware
  • ASM-One (68k Assembly) freeware
  • AmigaTalk (Little Smalltalk) shareware
JAVA (various stages of development) Software Development PalmTops Software
  • PalmBackup (supports 3Com's Palm Pilot series, IBM's WorkPad, and derivatives) shareware
  • AmigaNCP (supports Psion S3/S3a/S3C/S5) shareware
  • S3host (Psion S5) freeware?
  • SpitFire (supports 3Com's Palm Pilot Personal/Professional, Palm III/IIIx/V, IMB's WordPad, and compatibles) freeware?
  • S5-Trans (supports Psion S5) freeware
  • PalmLink (supports 3Com's Palm Pilot Personal/Professional, Palm III/IIIx/V, and compatibles) MailWare
  • PalmGUI freeware
Digital Camera To Amiga Transfer (For those cameras with serial ports)
  • Camedia (supports Olympus Camedia, possibly others) shareware?
  • DC210Wizard (supports Kodak DC200/DC210/DC210+ possibly DC200+/DC240) freeware
  • DC240Wizard (supports Kodak DC240, should support DC240i/DC280/DC210/DC210+/DC200/DC200+/DC215, NO support for DC120/DC260/DC290) freeware
  • DC240_Tool (supports Kodak DC240) freeware?
  • QVPlay (supports Casio QV) freeware
  • amidcv2 (supports Kodak DC20/DC25) freeware?
  • DigiCam (supports Agfa ePhoto line of cameras, Epson PhotoPC/PhotoPC 500/550/600, Olympus Digital cameras line, Sanyo VPC-G200/G200EX, DSC-X300, VPC-X350EX, Nikon Coolpix 900, Sierra Imaging SD640, and (probably) Toshiba PDR-2) freeware
  • CamControl (supports Casio QV-10A 100/200/300/780, Fuji DS-7 DX-5/7/9, Kodak CD-20/25, Minolta Dimage V, Mustek VDC-200P/300, Olympus C-420L/820L/830L/840L/900Z/920Z/1000L/1200L 1400L/XL 2000Z/C-21/C-2500 and all compatibles to these models) commercial
  • VHI Studio (formerly VLRec NG, capture images from digital cams and video capture boards with more planned)(supported cams: Olympus Camedia C-420L/C-820L/C-830L/C-840L/C-900Z/C-920Z/C-1000L/C-1200Z/C-1400(L/XL)/C-2000Z/C-21/C-2500, Nikon Coolpix 700, Kodak DC 200/DC 200+/210/210+/215/240/240i/280)(supported boards: FrameMachine (+ Prism 24), GVP IV24, MVD 819 (by Masoboshi), VLab Classic/par/(Y/C)) commercial
  • FujiGet (supports Fuji MX1200 and possibly MX500/MX700 digital cameras) freeware
Amiga UN*X/Linux Alternate OSes Educational
  • Mr. Robot's Speak 'n Spell (vocabulary K-college) commercial
  • GeoWorld (world geography) shareware
  • Electronic Teacher 6 CD (Homepage), EnglishDemo6.0, GermanDemo6.0 (learning and practicing all aspects of the given language -- vocabulary, idioms, grammatical structures, spelling and pronunciation - English, German and French versions) commercial
  • Audio Gallery (Foreign languages tutorial - talking dictionary) commercial
    Note: I know this section sucks and should be a major catagory
Miscellaneous Other Stuff
    Robotics Developer Pack (controlling standard R/C servos through the popular Mini SSC II serial servo controller - robot kits (arms, wheeled robots, legged robots, wheeled robots with arms...) and animatronics) freeware
  • Poseidon USB Stack (Highway/Subway/Algor or a compatible USB card)

AMiGA Hardware Links

Below are a few links to hardware addons for the Amiga personal computer. More hardware and links will be listed soon. Most of the hardware below is still in production or available new AFAIK. Some are no longer manufactured, but still available in stores. This list is by no means a complete listing of each catagory of hardware.

Graphics Card

CPU Accellerator Card

Ethernet Card

  • Ariadne II (Z2)
  • APNET PCMCIA (A600/A1200-only)
  • Hydra (Z2)
  • -
  • Netax1200 (A600/A1200-only)
  • AteoNet 1/1+/3/3+ (requires A1200 w/AteoBus)
  • ANet 1200 (A600/A1200-only)
  • X-Surf ("Cross-surf") (Z2)(has multiple expansion ports to add other cards)
  • X-Surf I/O Blix Ethernet module (requires I/O Blix serial/parallel card w/ Firmware 2.0 or serial number starting with 004)
  • Norway (10Mbit ethernet addon module for the HIGHWAY or ALGOR USB controller cards)(NE2000 compatible/16kByte buffer)

Input/Output Cards (serial/parallel/etc)

Sound Cards

Audio Digitizers/Samplers

Video Production


  • AMIGA Designer Mouse
  • Wizard Mouse
  • KONIX SPEEDKING (joystick)
  • Punchinello (PC mouse/trackball adapter)
  • Topolino (PC mouse port)
  • Insert MK/2 Keyboard Adapter (use PS/2 mouse and keyboard for A2000/A3000, A1200, A4000)
  • PSX Port (use one PSX PSX (or compatible) controller, or a Multitap (or compatible) for up to four controllers and memory cards - uses Amiga parallel port)
  • Mroocheck PC Mouse Adapter (mice, trackballs)
    Note: any suggestions for other good mice/joysticks?

Scan Doublers/Switchers

  • Apollo External - Apollo External w/Flicker Fixer
  • Power Computing Internal
  • MicroniK External
  • DblScan 4000 (internal)
  • Phase5 Internal for CV64-3D
  • GVP-M External
    Note: Internal cards require a Zorro slot Amiga.

PCI Expansion Cards

  • MEDIATOR PCI 1200 (A1200 busboard providing PCI expansion slots)
  • MEDIATOR PCI ZIV (A1200 ZIV busboard providing 4x 64bit/66Mhz PCI slots)
  • MEDIATOR PCI 4000 (Amiga 4000D computers installed in E/BOX 4000 tower cases [Power Tower 4000] with the Zorro III/PCI busboard - provides 5x 64bit/66Mhz PCI slots)
  • MEDIATOR PCI ZIII (for all Zorro III equipped Amigas [A4000T, A4000D, A3000 and A1200 equipped with the Zorro III busboard] provides 4x 64bit/66Mhz PCI slots)
    Note: Above MEDIATOR cards are ready for the SharkPPC G3/G4 and SharkPPC+ G3/G4 turbo cards when they become available.
  • Predator-SE (A1200/BlizzardPPC expansion busboard providing 5x PCI slots)
  • Prometheus (Z-III busboard providing 4x 32bit/33mhz PCI slots)


  • Buddha EIDE Z-II (Z-II card EIDE Controller)
  • Cat Weasel MK2 (Floppy Controller to use PC drives and others)(A1200/A4000 only)
  • Cat Weasel Z-II MK2 (Cat Weasel MK2 + Buddha EIDE on one Z-II card)
  • Pro MIDI (MIDI interface)
  • SIMMfonie (A3000/3000T ZIP to SIMM adapter)
  • AmiFast 3000 (A3000 ZIP to SIMM adapter)
  • Wacom Drawing Tablets (includes Amiga drivers & ArtEffect SE)
  • IDE-fix 4-way adapter
  • GoldenGate Bus+ (PC ISA bridge card)
  • AteoBus (A1200T multi-purpose bus expansion)
  • ClockUP (A1200 4-way clock port adapter)
  • AmTrade High Density Floppy Drive
  • Z-IV (A1200 busboard providing various expansion ports)
  • Power Flyer (A4000/A3000 Z-III EIDE/ATAPI controller with AllegroCDFS)
  • ISDN Master II (Z-II ISDN card)
  • ISDN Master PCMCIA (A1200/600 PCMCIA ISDN card)
  • SUBWAY (USB Controller for A1200 compatible clockports - USB1.1 and 2.0 compatible, no high speed mode, integrated 4 port hub)
  • HIGHWAY (USB controller for Zorro II/III bus - USB1.1 and 2.0 compatible, no high speed mode, integrated 4 port hub, 38pin expansion header for 10MBit ethernet module or hyperCOM 3i serial/parallel port expansion)
  • Spider USB 2.0 (USB2.0 expansion card for the Mediator PCI busboard)(4x external ports and 1x internal port, supports USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) and USB 1.1 (12 Mbps) devices)
  • Algor USB (USB controller for Zorro II/III bus - USB1.1 and 2.0 compatible, no high speed mode, integrated 3 port hub, 38pin expansion header for ethernet module (10MBit) or serial/parallel port expansion (hyperCOM 3i), integrated 512kB FlashROM memory for Poseidon USB stack; ready for Amiga OS 4: can host Kickstart 4.0 in FlashROM

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