Charles "Eddy" Asher

A local country music legend in the Ozarks Mountains, Eddy has been writing, recording, and entertaining since 1969.  Eddy has performed in night clubs, on radio and television (Country Tonight, 30 Seconds to Fame, Hollywood and Fox National TV).  He has also performed alongside country greats Ernest Tubb, David Frizell, Porter Wagoner, Buddy Allen, Wayne Carson, Tom T. Hall, Bobby Bear, Del Reeves, Tony Booth, Ed Bruce, Conway Twitty and Bill Smith.  Eddy was also good friends with the late Boxcar Willie.

Eddy's awesome talent expands from country, blues, and classic rock.  Eddy is also known as a master of the lost art of yodeling.  Another unique talent that Eddy shares with his buddy Boxcar, is the ability to mimic the sound of an old steam train whistle.

Charles "Eddy" Asher
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Eddy can be spotted on the road traveling in his customized tour bus.