Sinful Sundays : open 1 pm to 1 am   football afternoons. bartender Rick

Music Mondays: Piano Bar 6-7 karoake 8-12. bartender Jeremy

Crazy Tuesdays:  Great videos. bartender Richie

Weiner Wednesdays: Hot dog specials. Strippers 7-11. trivia with bartender Jeremy

Bingo Thursdays: Leather bingo 7-10 bartender Kip

Hook-up Fridays: Bartender Richie

Sexxxy Saturdays: Group nights with hot bartender Henry


Special Events:

Exiles Party The First Saturday of each month
Rust Belt Riders Motorcycle Club The Third Saturday of month
Steel Valley Bears Beer Bust 4th Saturday of month

Feb. 13 Bring Your Heart On  for a Red Valentines Party
Feb 28  Troubadour Reunion Party
Mar 1   Exiles Leather Ball
Mar 2   Mardi Gras Parade on Poland Avenue
Mar 4  Mardi Gras Party
Mar 17 St. Patrick's Day party
Mar  21  Spring Fling Campers Party

for info: email

1105 Poland Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio

We currently only serve Microwave cooked food.

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