shopping has become a documentation of the work I've done in the past and my current projects. I am no longer persuing growth and development of Bedellracing. While it's not out of the question to hire me for a special project, I will note that it needs to be sexy and a fun project with a reasonable budget.

Thank for everyone's support in the past. If you're into cycling or running you can find me on the bicycle or around the neighborhood evenings and weekends. Of course, you will also still find me at a hand full of Autox events throghout the year.


Check here for a listing of current events whether it's an autocross event, group drive, or magazine event. Check here for details of the 2004 Sport Compact Car Ultimate Street Car Challenge.



These are examples of the custom work performed by Bedell Racing. Please contact me if you have a special project or just want to chat about some of my older projects


V6 Solara Engine In MR2   Front Header