Rick Stratton and his company, Creative Make-up Effects, have been involved with the entertainment industry since 1975. Originally supplying custom masks and prosthetics to the studios for such TV shows as: "Fantasy Island", "Wonder Woman", and "The A-Team", Rick expanded his services to include: beauty make-up, character and prosthetic design, Tattoo work, beard stubble and facial hair application, as well as mechanically-articulated puppets, aliens, and monsters.
Rick got his early training working with some of Hollywood's finest make-up artists. Ben Lane and Leo Lottito at Warner Brothers gave him some of his first breaks. Fred Phillips (Star Trek/Outer Limits) hired him to do lab-work on the first "Star Trek" feature, and working with John Chambers (Planet of the Apes) at his home workshop, gave him a professional work ethic, and a perfectionist's eye for quality.
Rick's meticulous attention to detail, design-quality, realism, and hands-on approach sets him apart from the recent deluge of FX houses. Whether he's heading the on-set make-up department for a Television or Motion picture production, or designing state-of-the-art make-up effects creations in his prosthetics studio,his experience, creativity, and style make him a major asset to any film production.
In 1988, Rick began a creative collaboration with Eric Allard's "All Effects Company" which provided him with a fully equiped make-up lab and special effects facility that rivaled Hollywoods finest. The first effort of this new creature-shop was creating cyborg school teachers for "Class of 1999". Combining robotics, prosthetics, physical effects, special props and pyrotechnics, the last third of this B-Film was a showcase for the "All Effects" crew's creativity and talent. Next, Rick designed and supervised the Emmy Award winning make-ups for Fox TV's "Alien Nation" series (1989/90) In 1992, Rick and Eric Co-supervised the creation of creature effects and animatronics for "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III". Five "Alien Nation" TV Movies were completed during 1994/96, followed by "Trilogy of Terror II" for Dan Curtis.
In 1997, after the untimely death of his eldest son Richard, Rick returned to work in his home studio. Teaching himself computer graphics, he is now creating temporary tattoos called "STRAT-TATTS" which have been used in many film and television productions since July-2004.  Recent projects include: "Wild Hogs", "Smokin' Aces", "Southland Tales", "NCIS", "Cold Case", "Criminal Minds", and "Pirates of the Carribean III".
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During the last several years Rick's work has taken him to many far and exotic locations such as Egypt, Hawaii and New Zealand. He splits his time between on-set make-up and make-up effects and Tattoo design in his home studio. Recent Tattoo projects have included:  "Indiana Jones 4", "CSI-NY", "Old Dogs", "Will Eisner's The Spirit", "Soul Men", "Ugly Betty", "Gossip Girl", and "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
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