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That genealogy bug bit me one day in the winter of 1983. I was attending my great aunt's funeral in Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, and it was there, at that cemetery that it hit me.

We were standing in the middle of a quaint old cemetery divided in two parts by a small country road. As I looked around at the headstones there, I noticed the name Brown on quite a few. I was told that they were all part of my family. I stood in front of a larger monument of a stone that read W Z Brown and realized that this was my greatgreatgrandfather. I started looking at all the other stones in this area and haven't stopped since.

Later I would come to find out that this was known as Brooklyn Evergreen cemetery and across the road was the "old & new" Brooklyn Cemetery. It would be some time later that I discovered I had ancestors on both sides of that country road.

My Uncle Bill sent each one of his siblings a 1944 booklet with information on the Brown family. It was written by my greatgrandaunts (Permelia & Candace Brown) and updated by Uncle Bill.

It wasn't until I started playing with a computer program called the FamilyTree Maker Deluxe Edition, that I became interested again in that little blue booklet my uncle gave to my mother. From the moment I typed in my name and those of my parents, I was totally hooked.

I have been back to that little cemetery a few times getting the dates off stones and just enjoying a day with the past. That Little cemetery in the township of Brooklyn, Pennsylvania in Susquehanna County is where a lot of my family history begins and ends. My Brown family came from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont to Lathrop Township, Harford Brooklyn, and Hop Bottom, Pa. They not only came to that lovely place, but raised several more generations there. With the burial of my Great Aunt Edna Cruise Brown Tiffany, it was the end of our family living in an area they had lived in for over 200 years.

My Williams/Koch family history is under construction: I have recently found my Greatgrandfather Thomas R. Williams born in 1851 in Wales married to Mary A. Smith born in 1868 in Wales. They had my Grandfather Alfred S. Williams born in 1892 in Olyphant, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania. Alfred married Ruth Anna Koch born in 1900 in Scranton, Pa. Ruth was the daughter of John H. Koch born in 1872 in Olyphant and Dora (Van Deecke) Dakey born in 1872 in Archbald, Pa., my Great granparents. Dora was the daughter of Henry Van Deecke born in 1839 in Hannover, Germany and Dorothy Miller born in 1847 in Hannover, Germany my 2nd Greatgrandparents.
*(note: "Dorothy Miller married Henry Van Deecke at the age of 16. He loved her so much that he stowed away on the boat when they left Hamburg, Germany. He was an only child of a well-to-do German family--Grandmom Miller had them married in Scranton, as soon as they came to America. He dropped the Van from his name then.")

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