Owners of the Gold Seal Dairy

by Sharon Marie Centanne

Special thanks to Jo Ann Centanni, who provided the following information.

Salvador"Sam" CENTANNI was the son of Antonino CENTANNI. He and his father owned the Gold Seal dairy in New Orleans from the 1920s to 1986. They supplied dairy products to the ships that came into the port, to the neighborhoods using milk trucks and even to the Cafe du Monde in the French Market who used their cream to make cannoli.


Gold Seal Dairy,
expanded in 1953
and sold in 1986

Sam married Myra Collins who enjoyed both the dairy and her hobby of collecting Christmas decorations. From 1946 to 1966, the Centanni home on Canal St. in New Orleans was the most celebrated place to visit in December to see their fantastic display.

A history of the Centanni Home has been posted online by realtor Bridgette Fredy.

Alan Copeland was inspired by the Centanni Christmas display, and had has his own fantastic display funded by his fortune from Popeye's Resturants.

When Myra died on New Year's Eve January 1, 1967, Sam turned off the lights and never displayed them at home again. But in later years, he let them be displayed in City Park in New Orleans. These decorations survived Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding in 2005, and are on display in City Park once again at Celebration in the Oaks 2005 in City Park. A local photographer, Poppy Z. Brite, took these pictures of the cow, sheep and camels on Dec. 8, 2005. It is believed that Sam made these decorations himself.

Sam and Myra raised seven children:

  1. Anthony Charles "A.C" CENTANNI who married Gloria. Gloria died before 1998. A.C. died in 2005. A.C. worked at the Gold Seal Dairy. A.C. and Gloria had four daughters:

    1. Myra CENTANNI
    2. Gloria "Puchie" CENTANNI
    3. Linda CENTANNI
    4. Sally CENTANNI

  2. Rosalie CENTANNI who married Andrew GONZI and raised five children:

    1. Andrew GONZI, Jr.
    2. Donald GONZI
    3. Peggy GONZI (twin of Pamela and died very young)
    4. Pamela GONZI (twin of Peggy)
    5. Mary Kay GONZI

  3. Anna CENTANNI who married Anthony "Toni" TAORMINA. Toni is now deceased. Anna and Toni had eight TAORMINA children:

    1. Debbie TAORMINA (now deceased)
    2. Darlynn TAORMINA
    3. Anthony TAORMINA, Jr.
    4. Diana TAORMINA
    5. Darlene TAORMINA
    6. Donna TAORMINA
    7. Dedra TAORMINA
    8. Dina TAORMINA

  4. Mary Yvonne CENTANNI, who married Joseph HEMAN .Mary Yvonne died in January 1998 and Joseph is also deceased. Mary Yvonne and Joseph had two HEMAN daughters:

    1. Mary May HEMAN
    2. Jeanne Marie HEMAN

  5. Myra CENTANNI who married Alvin "Al" MEHRTENS. They had a floral business specializing in orchids. Al died in the 1990s. Myra lost her life in a robbery in 2005. Myra and Al and raised five MEHRTENS children:

    1. Alvin MEHRTENS
    2. Myra Veronica MEHRTENS
    3. Sharon MEHRTENS
    4. Marybeth MEHRTENS
    5. Bronwyn MEHRTENS, who married Mr. CORCORAN, and they have at least one child.

  6. Lorraine CENTANNI, who married twice, first to John TRAUTH and then to Mr. JOHNSON. Lorraine died in January 1998. Lorraine and John TRAUTH had three daughters:

    1. Loren TRAUTH
    2. Colleen TRAUTH
    3. Samyra TRAUTH

  7. Salvador F. "Sammy" CENTANNI, Jr. married to Josephine "Jo Ann". Jo Ann Centanni is a realtor. Sammy and Jo Ann have four CENTANNI daughters:

    1. Kathleen "Beanie" CENTANNI
    2. Karen CENTANNI
    3. Yvonne CENTANNI
    4. Tracy CENTANNI

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