by Sharon Centanne, his great-great granddaughter

Timothy Randal BURKE was born in Ballyoughtra, Creagh, Skibbereen, County Cork, Ireland, as were several generations of his forefathers. Ballyougtera is situated on Lough Hyne, a saltwater lake near the southwest coast of Ireland. Back in the 1600s, it is believed that Timothy's fisherman ancestors arrived there from Galway. Access to this lake maybe be what kept Timothy and his family alive during the Great Famine of the 1840s.

This photo of Lough Hyne is from our cousin Jim Collins who copied it from a SKIBBEREEN SHOPPER newspaper. Ballyoughtera is on the upper left side of the lake. The Atlantic Ocean is on the upper right past the Toe Head prominence.

Timothy Randal BURKE married Honora O'DONOGHUE and they had seven children:


Randal BURKE, born 1866, married Mary DRISCOLL and they had six children:

  1. Honora Patricia BURKE, born March 18, 1889, came to America in 1906, married John James TROY April 22, 1922 in Buffalo NY,had five children, moved to Pinellas Park, FL in 1959 and died April 29, 1963.

  2. Michael BURKE, , born September 1890, came to America, went back to inherit the family farm, built a new farmhouse in the 1960s when he was over 70 years old and lived to be 100 years old. Michael was married to Mary O'DONOVAN and they had seven children.

  3. Mary Catherine BURKE, born October 27, 1891, came to America as a teenager, married twice: First to Cornelius HARRINGTON on April 30, 1935 and second to Arthur CANAVAN. Mary died in Buffalo July 6, 1979. Mary and Cornelius had one daughter, Mary Lou HARRINGTON CANAVAN.

  4. Julia BURKE, born April 1894, came to America as a teenager, married John "Jack" O'KEEFE in Buffalo, NY, raised four children, moved to Largo, FL in 1964, and died December 10, 1967.

  • Timothy BURKE, born June 1897, came to America as a teenager, married twice: First to Betty Jane McMORROW February 18, 1929. Betty, daughter of prominent Buffalo lawyer, died in the 1930s of breast cancer. He had three children by his first marriage: Randal "Ranny" BURKE, who married Mary and died in California, Mary Rose BURKE who died of heart problems at age 17 in high school, and Elizabeth BURKE, an English teacher who died May 12, 2007. A few years later, Tim married Betty Jane RYAN, to whom he was introduced to by Dr. Walter Lonergan, his niece Rita's husband. Tim was badly burned in an industrial accident at Archer Daniels in the 1930s, but lived on to start a second family after the death of his first wife, who died while he was in the hospital. Tim had four more children by his second marriage: Timothy died in Buffalo September 26, 1953.

  • Catherine BURKE, born 1900, came to America as a teenager, married William CHENEY,in Buffalo, NY.in 1935 and died March 23, 1988 in Buffalo. William and Catherine had three children.

    Randal and Mary Burke and family on the
    1901 Census of Ireland

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