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An Epic History of the Politics that Produced the American Civil War

Hello. My name is Howard Ray White.  Welcome to my website about the politics that produced the American Civil War. Are you puzzled by the various alleged causes of the Civil War? Then you need to look over the pages in my website.

About the book Series

I am now shipping the first three of my four-volume book series called, Bloodstains, An Epic History of the Politics that Produced the American Civil War. 

Volume 1 is subtitled The Nation Builders.  To view click here: Look at The Nation Builders,

Volume 2 is subtitled, The Demagogues.  To view click here: Look at The Demagogues.

Volume 3 is subtitled, The Bleeding.  To view click here:  Look at The Bleeding.

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About the Television Show

North Carolinians who live in Mecklenburg County or Iredell County can watch my weekly television program on cable TV.  I am both producer and host.  Our director is Effie Hefner.  Our show is titled, True American History - 1763 to 1885.  You may view a new episode every Tuesday night at 10:00 pm on Channel 21 in Mecklenburg or Channel 25 in Iredell.  Hope to add other counties in coming months.  My production team and I have produced over 100 episodes of this television series.  Want to be a guest?  Call me at 704-242-0022.

I expect to make DVDs of past episodes available at some future time. Viewer comments are encouraged. Send by email to Howard Ray White. Or send by postal mail to "True American History", P. O. Box 78731, Charlotte, NC 28271.  You are invited to call me at 704-242-0022.

Some of the Story Behind the Book Series

Details about the the Book Series, Volume by Volume

Volume 1: The Nation Builders is now available for $24 delivered to your mailbox. It is printed in a 7 x 10 format and contains 458 pages. This is the background volume that sets the stage for the critical 1848-1861 era. It is the heroic story of the building of the nation from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The book begins with a brief history of the British Isles, of Colonial America, and of the thirteen independent States and their defense. Then the history of western expansion is presented, with emphasis on the people who migrated from the Carolinas, to Tennessee, to Texas. This background helps us understand the origins of the attitudes about government held by Americans during the 1850's. Much of the history in the last half of Volume 1 is told through parallel presentation of the lives of Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston, Stephen Douglas and Jefferson Davis, thereby permitting you to "live the history." Final pages cover Texas statehood and the War with Mexico. Volume 1 concludes in March 1848 with the ratification of the treaty that took California and other western land from Mexico. Click here to read More on Volume 1.

Volume 2: The Demagogues continues the history, revealing how the fight to exert political control over the new western lands produced steadily intensifying Sectionalism. Containing 540 pages, it is now available for $26 delivered to your mailbox. Much of the history is told through the lives of Stephen Douglas, Charles Sumner, Thaddeus Stevens, Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln, so that, again, you may "live the history." Appropriate attention is devoted to Bleeding Kansas, the rise and fall of the Know Nothing Party, and the rise of the Republican Party. The 1858 debates between Douglas and Lincoln are presented in appropriate detail. You see Thaddeus Stevens in the Federal House, and Charles Sumner in the Federal Senate rigidly demanding that no accommodation be reached. And you see Jefferson Davis mightily striving to combat Sectionalism until all hope of accommodation is lost. You see Stephen Douglas' personal ambition fracture the Democrats into two separate opposing parties. The final pages cover the 1860 Federal election, State secession, the creation of the Confederate States of America, the election of Jefferson Davis, Abe Lincoln's first days as President of the United States, and Lincoln's efforts to incite a fight at Fort Sumter. Volume 2 concludes in April 1861 soon after Lincoln's proclamation of the Federal invasion of the Confederacy. Click here to read More on Volume 2.

Volume 3: The Bleeding presents the history of the war years. The emphasis is on political issues, especially in the northern States. Struggles in the Federal House and Senate are followed through the lives of Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner. The lives of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis reveal the struggles at the Commander-in-Chief level. Major battles and troop movements are covered, but just enough make the political issues understandable. Here the emphasis is on the fighting men, not the generals, for this is the history of civilian politics, not military politics. Volume 3 concludes in May 1865 with the capture and imprisonment of Jefferson Davis. Click here to read More on Volume 3.

Volume 4: The Struggle for Healing continues the history to its final conclusion. Northern States control over the conquered ex-Confederate States is described: first rule by Federal military commanders, then rule by Republican political machines empowered by the votes of African American men. Struggles in the Federal House and Senate over residual State rights, personal voting rights, citizenship, land confiscation, etc. is presented, with much of the history being revealed through the lives of Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner. Massive land confiscation is barely averted when President Andrew Johnson narrowly escapes impeachment conviction. Federal officials finally release Jefferson Davis from prison when they give up hope of ever winning a treason trial in court. We follow the life of Davis and his family throughout Volume 4, which concludes in 1885 with the election of Grover Cleveland, the first Democrat President since before the war. Click here to read More on Volume 4.

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