44th Infantry Division 324th Infantry Regiment

Company "D"

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother.

- Shakespeare, Henry V, Act IV, Scene 3



Born Keeseville, NY - August 13, 1915

Entered Military Service from Ilion, NY

Killed in Action/Waldhambach France - December 3, 1944

Combat Infantryman's Badge

"Everyone left of D Company is now very conscious of Francis Blaise and his memory is an indelible part of the history of the outfit. And, in a sense, he represents in a real person, all those replacements who were killed before we really knew them as our comrades by name - now all of them have a personage rather than simply being a statistic" - Dick Rademacher, Co. D

My uncle Francis, a replacement and machine gunner with Company D, prior to shipping overseas.

He had been with the unit only 18 days when, on December 3, 1944 near Waldhambach France, he was killed by German machinegun fire while attempting to fire a bazooka at approaching German tanks that were over running his unit.

This site is dedicated to his memory and to all of the brave men who unselfishly fought by his side.

Purple Heart Medal Bronze Star Medal

My Dad & Walter Benjamin, Assistant Superintendent of Lorraine American Cemetery, at the gravesite on May 17, 2006


"My father wasn't much for telling war stories, but I know he couldn't hear "Taps" without tears coming to his eyes as he thought of all the men whose lives were lost." - Laurie Harrison, daughter of Art Van Vorce - Company "D" veteran who passed away in 1994.

324th Infantry Regimental crest



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I recently received this photo via E-mail from a resident of Waldhambach, France named Freddy Gressel. From the top of the photo you can see that it was taken in the winter of 1944. If anyone recognizes anyone in the photo please contact me - Thanks.


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This site will be continually updated with information as I receive it on it's various links. Anyone who served with the 44th or any of it's component units, or any family members of 44th veterans are invited to contact me via Email. I will be happy to post any photos or stories that I receive. My goal is to preserve as much information as I can for the veterans and their family members.


The 44th Infantry Division Association has a new president who replaces outgoing president John Conrad. The new President, Jeff Burgess has taken over the reigns. Jeff's father was a Forward Observer for the 156th Field Artillery. Anyone who would like to contact Jeff regarding the 44th or membership in the association can contact him at  windcrest1@adelphia.net


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