Jim and Tabby's Wedding

Hello, Pic's will be posted as soon as we get then developed. Thanks.

We met while riding on the local transit bus here in Western NY. I first asked Tabby out on December 7, 2000. I was not sure if she wanted to go out with me (was too shy). We both knew the bus driver so, I asked him to ask her and see if she would go out with me. He bugged her for two weeks for which her final answer was, just have him ask. When I asked Tabby on December 7 she just screamed. I was like, "Is that Yes or No?" lol. She said "Yes" and that was our beginning. We had our first date on February 16, 2001. We went to Kopper Keg (a local greasy spoon resturant).

Now it is December 7, 2003, our 3 year anniversary, and were getting married. All went well. Except for the person marrying us being TWO HOURS LATE. Talk about a nervous groom. Pacing the floor, looking out the window, and making calls..lol. All in all.. the wedding took place..whew.

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