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Red River Gorge Topo Map
for Garmin Mapping GPSs
Custom Topo map created by Jack Luers.
Page updated 7/30/2012


Some background information on the Red River Gorge Geological Area:
>  National Forest Service.
           Paper maps: Large, medium, small, Natural Bridge State Park
Leave No Trace

NEW: RRG Topo for Android is here!

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Sample screen shots:

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GPS (GPSMap 60cs) screenshots of Grey's Arch trailhead area.


Sharron and Brandon are just lower left of center...this place is huge!
what it's all about

Red River Gorge Topo Map for Garmin:

GPS Topo Map features:

  • High Resolution

  • GPS Map includes contours, roads, trails, and water features.

  • Covers Red River Gorge, Clifty Wilderness and surrounding area.

  • Contours are at 20' increments.

  • Much better resolution than Garmin's Topo 2008 map.

  • Contains only government produced public domain data: USGS elevation data, streams, rivers, and lakes; Forest Service trails, parking lots, and primitive camp sites; and KY DOT maintained roads.

  • A few common points-of-interest (trailheads, common arches) are included in a separate waypoint file.

  • Upload to your GPS using Garmin's free MapSource© program.

  • GPS Map is 4mb in size.

  • The map is transparent so you can view it overlaid on other maps on your GPS.

  • It's free!

RRGSetup.zip contains:
RRGSetup.exe, 3000234.img, RRG3.img, RRG3.reg, RRG3.TDB, RRG POI.gdb)

The topo map, MapSource preview, MapSource database, and registry files are included in the download.


Part of the map as shown in MapSource.

Installation Instructions:  Now with a Setup program and uninstall feature

                Update your MapSource to the latest version before continuing:  www.garmin.com

  1. Garmin MapSource should be installed first. If you don't have MapSource (included with most purchased Garmin maps) then you can use SendMap (freeware) to upload the map to your GPS.

  2. Download and Unzip RRGSetup.zip then run RRGSetup.exe.

  3. Setup will copy files to the C:\Garmin\custom folder and automatically run the registry file (RRG3.reg) to install it.  This will let MapSource see the new map so you can upload it to your GPS.  You can skip this step if you are using SendMap.

  4. Start MapSource. Select "Red River Gorge" in the drop-down list (upper left corner).
    The map will appear as just an blank outline until you zoom in on it a little, then you will see more detail as you zoom in.

  5. Click the Map Tool button (circled above in yellow) then click anywhere on the topo map to select it for uploading. That map will turn pink when selected.
    Also select any other Garmin maps (City Select, Navigator, etc.) that you want to upload at the same time (see note below).
    Then open (File, Open) the waypoint file "RRG POI.gdb" to also upload it.

  6. Click the Upload button to upload your maps and waypoints to the GPS. 

Note: When you upload a map all the maps currently in the GPS (except the Basemap) will be erased.  You have to upload ALL maps at the same time to your GPS in order have more than one map loaded.

To uninstall select the "Red River Gorge GPS Map" item from the Windows Start menu and click Uninstall...


*Here's what is in the RRG3.reg file so you can verify the downloaded one is intact (right click on it then select Edit):

"ID" = hex:DA,02


To manually uninstall the map open REGEDIT and carefully delete these 2 registry entries.


Recent map updates:
   3/13/2009:  Created RRGSetup.exe to easily install and uninstall the map.
   11/8/2008:   Fixed 2 problems with the 10/22/08 version:  "Reinstall MapSource" and "Select fewer maps and try again" errors.
   10/22/2008:  Updated the map with the latest roads and water data!
   7/28/2008:  The Map as been updated to be compatible with Garmin MapSource v6.14.1.


Here is a GPS Map for East Fork Lake State Park (Lake Harsha)
in Clermont county, OH

East Fork Lake State Park

Here's my map of the Lower Little Miami Watershed in SW Ohio.

Coming next... Caesar's Creek Lake


For details on the techniques used to create this map see Creating Custom Topo Maps.


Your comments are welcome:  jacksan

You may download material from this web site for your personal or government, non-commercial use only. 

THE SMALL PRINT: The map (30000233.img) contains data that may not be complete or accurate and may yield misleading results. The author reserves the right to change the map without notice. Users assume all risks when uploading custom maps to their GPS unit.

All rights reserved by the respective individuals and companies referenced above. The map (30000233.img)  is copyright protected 2009 by Jack Luers, all rights reserved.  You may not redistribute this map without permission, you may not sell this map. 


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