Sullivans of Northern Neck, Virginia, Mid 1600s to Mid 1700s

W hen I started this research I hoped to try to connect some of the various Sullivan (all of the usual variations on Sullivan and especially Sullivant were found in the research but I used the standard name Sullivan for all the families) families in the Northern Neck (I have included Northumberland, Westmoreland, Essex, Lancaster, King and Queen, Middlesex, Gloucester and Richmond) area of Virginia. Except for some very minor successes, I did not succeed. A lot of the names are used again and again. Except for the similarity of names, I did not find many connections. I decided to document my findings, in hopes that others will add bits of information enabling us to connect some of the families.

Dennis Sullivan of Richmond County

The first mention of Dennis Sullivan is noted in Cavaliers and Pioneers - Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants in Volume V. Dennis Sullivant had 1446 acres in Rappahannock (later became Richmond), on southern most branch of Totuskey Creek which was a renewal of a patent dated 23 May 1660. In Index to Marriages of Old Rappahannock and Essex Counties, VA 1655-1900, Jean Sullivan widow of Dennis married James Clayton in 1689. This indicates Dennis died prior to 1689. The same source also has Sarah Sullivan daughter of Dennis marrying Henry Lenton.

The next mention of Dennis is in a deed left by his son Daniel Sullivan also of Richmond County dated September 4, 1694 from Richmond County DB 4 page 71. The deed says that Daniel got the land from his father Dennis Sullivan proving the connection between Dennis and Daniel. There is another deed at about the same time where Daniel buys land from Thomas Freshwater. Daniel Sullivan left a will in Northumberland County, listed in Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Volume 20, Northumbria Collection 1625-1720. Daniel Sullivan of St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland will was dated 29 Aug. 1704 and was probated February 1704/5. In the will, a tract of land that Daniel bought from Thomas Freshwater is left to Phillip Rogers and Vincent Cox. This fact indicates that he is the same Daniel Sullivan that was in Richmond County. It also lists cousin George Hutton (under 21) cousin Rebecca Hutton and cousin Margaret. Richard Baker, Isabella Rogers, Ann Cox, James Roger, Winifred Cox are also mentioned. It was witnessed by James Thomas, Joseph Willgrass and Jno Kean. Daniel does not list wife, sons or daughters in the will,so no more is known of his family. One can infer that from the cousins listed that his father, Dennis, had other brothers or sisters. In summary, the family looks as follows:

Dennis Sullivan, died before 1689 wife Jean who married second James Clayton in 1689, probably had brothers and sisters and had the following children:
Daniel Sullivan b. before 1640 d. February, 1704/5 in Northumberland Co., VA

Sarah Sullivan married Henry Lenton in 1672

Daniel Sullivan of Westmoreland County

From Northern Neck Land Grants 1692-1742 Compiled by Gertrude E. Gray p. 72, Reference A4:

Nath'l Gray of Westmoreland Co. 2 July last set forth that Dan'l Sullivant of said Co. dyed seized of 100 A. in Washington Par. in said Co. part of patent granted John Beard in 1666 who sold to Sullivant 4 Oct. 1674. Gray purchased the 100 A. from Mary, wid. of Sullivant, 4 May 1719. Mr. Tho's Sorrell, Clk of said Co. Escheat Grant to Gray. 15 Feb. 1722/3.

The next entry on the same page in the same source says: Reference A5.

John Ashton of Westmoreland Co. 150 A. in Washington Par. Westmoreland Co. Ashton Set forth 2 July last that Daniel Sullivant died seized of land in Westmoreland Co. Land Escheats. (See A4). Said 150 A. in possession of Ashton by marrying wid. of Sullivant. Grant to Ashton. Mr. Tho's Sorrell, Clk of siad Co. 15 Feb. 1722/3.

In the next county at about the same time there is listed in Northumberland Co. VA Apprenticeships 1650-1750 compiled by W. Preston Haynie there are apprentice records listed for Paul, age 11, John ,age 15, and Daniel, age 9, on 17 January 1721/22. Since the dates are so close, I am assuming that these boys are the sons of Daniel and Mary. Therefore this family is composed as follows:

Daniel Sullivan b. before 1653 d. about 1721 in Westmoreland or Northumberland County married to Mary who later married second John Ashton about 1722. They had the following children:
John b. Sept. 1706/7 apprenticed as cooper

Paul b. Nov. 1710/11 apprenticed as shoemaker

Daniel b. March 1712/13 apprenticed as cooper

A John Sullivan, son of Daniel Sullivan, got a Granville grant in Halifax Co., NC in 1761, see Halifax County Deed Book 8, p. 21. This could be the same John Sullivan that is in this family. Many Northumberland families such as Humphries, Harvey and Dameron show up in deeds in Halifax County with John Sullivan as a witness.

Timothy Sullivan of Westmoreland/Northumberland County

From the same book, Northumberland Co. VA Apprenticeships, 1650-1750 compiled by W. Preston Haynie, Timothy Sullivan died around 1724. He left two orphans, William and John. From this record, and the LDS IGI entry (probably from St. Stephen's Parish Records), the following family is derived:

Timothy Sullivan d. about 1724, his wife is uknown. He had the following family:
Mary b. June 14, 1706

William b. July 17, 1708 apprenticed as weaver

John b. April 8, 1710 apprenticed as bricklayer

Darby Sullivan of Westmoreland County

The family of Darby Sullivan is documented in A Sullivan Family of Stafford County, Virginia by William L. Deyo in the Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, Volume 28, November 1990, Number 4. The sources are listed in the magazine article so they are not listed here. This information is also updated with information received via email from another researcher. The email contained a quote from a pamphlet that William L. Deyo wrote after he wrote the magazine article as an update. In this article he discloses that Darby Sullivan d. 1699 who married Elizabeth Snowball could not be the father of Darby Sullivan d. 1729 who married Elizabeth. The following is a quote from William Deyo's pamphlet:

The most important find was discovered in a Westmoreland County, Virginia, book of deeds and wills for the period of 1723 to 1738. On pages 41 and 42 of this book there is reference to the land left by William Snowdall to his daughter, Elizabeth, whom it is known, from the previous records cited, became the wife of the first Darby Sullivan. It is revealed that Elizabeth died without issue and had last been married to one Thomas Taylor. Since Elizabeth Snowdall had first been married to Darby Sullivan ( d 1699) and had no children, Darby Sullivan could not have been the immigrant ancestor of the Sullivans of Stafford unless he had a child by a previous wife. It is the belief of the compiler that the ancestor of the family is actually Daniel Sullivan, a contemporary and probably a brother ofDarby Sullivan, who lived in the same immediate vicinity of Westmoreland County. It is likely that Daniel named his son after his own brother, Darby Sullivan. The immigrant ancestor of "gingerbread fame" may have been the father of both Daniel and Darby.

It appears that Deyo thinks that Daniel Sullivant of Westmoreland, discussed in the previous section, may be the father of Darby Sullivan d. 1729. At this time, since there is no other evidence, the line is shown below with no father of Darby Sullivan d. 1729. .


Darby Sullivan d. 1729 married Elizabeth . He was believed to be an apprentice of Samuel Rust in of Westmoreland County on 31 January 1716. He lived in the Brunswick Parish area of King George County which was later in Stafford County. He had the following family and probably more:
Darby Sullivan b. abt 1722 d. 1799/1800 married Ann Fugate, a daughter of Josias Fugate and Mary. He lived in Stafford County and is referred to as Darby Sullivan of Stafford. There is another Darby Sullivan "the Younger" (b. pre 1765) who settled in Albemarle County by 1791 who was probably a nephew of this Darby. Darby of Stafford had the following family (there may have been others):
Martin Sullivan b. abt 1750 King George County d. 1812/13 King George County, married abt 1775-see article for children

Darby Sullivan, Jr. b. abt 1761 King George County d. 1841 Fredricksburg, VA married about 1780 probably to Miss Cox, daughter of Vincent Cox of Stafford County and Elizabeth Cox-see article for children

Daniel Sullivan b. before 1765 in King George County d. after 1821 in Stafford County married about 1785 in Stafford County to Mary Jett daughter of Francis Jett and Barsheba Porch-see article for children

Benjamin Sullivan b. about 1765 King George County, d. 1803 Stafford married to Susannah, who may have been a daughter of James Kitchen and Mary Portch-see article for children

William Sullivan d. 1808 Stafford County

Sarah Sullivan d. 1843 Stafford County

Shady Sullivan b. 1772 King George County d. after Mar. 28 1855 Stafford Co.

Francis Sullivan d. 1830/1831 Spotsylvania County, VA married before 1793 possibly to Frances Newton

?Jonas Sullivan b. before 1765 d. after 1810, wife unknown but indications of children in the 1810 Census

?Thomas Sullivan d. by 192 King George County, may have married Margaret "Peggy"

Burgess Sullivan married Ann Carver in St. Paul's Parish on February 3, 1747/8. The following information was not in the original article and was found in the parish records of St. Paul's Parish 1715-1798 of King George County. Sallis daughter of Burgess and Ann Sullivan b. October 24, 1748. William son of Burgess and Ann Sullivan b. October 8, 1750. Harry son of Burgess and Ann Sullivan b. July 6, 1758. He had a least the following family:
Burgess Sullivan moved to Orange County with his wife Lynn/Linca/Linney Wilkerson a daughter of Thomas Wilkerson. He lived next to William Sullivan of Orange who is thought to be a nephew of Darby Sullivan of Stafford.

Sallis Sullivan b. October 24, 1748

William Sullivan b. October 8, 1750

Harry Sullivan b. July 6, 1758

Peter Sullivan of Northumberland County

Peter Sullivan, a farmer in Northumberland Co, VA was born about 1680 and died April 15, 1746. It is not known when Peter immigrated to Northumberland County, or where he came from. He might have been from another of the American colonies or even from some other country. The History of Butler County (PA), page 55, included a short sketch of Peter's grandson, Charles Craven Sullivan, which indicates that Peter located in Northumberland County about 1700. In that history his name was spelled "Peter O. Sullivan". Per records of indentured servants, compiled by W. Preston Haynie, Peter Sullivant, servant to Walter Jenkins was brought to the Northumberland County court on February 16, 1697/1698 to be adjudged by the court. He was adjudged to be seventeen years old and ordered to serve his said Master according to Law.

The grandsons of Peter, John, Charles Craven, and James all served in the Va State Line together during the RW. After the war, John returned to his home in Virginia, Charles Craven went to PA and James went to Knoxville, TN and then on to Whitley Co, KY. James's sons spread out to Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and California. (This information was supplied by Donn Sullivan).

Peter Sullivan left a will written April 15, 1746 and probate was 10 August 1747 from Northumberland County Wills & Administration by Lewis & Brown 1713-1748. In the will he named wife Emme and sons Moses and Charles. In a note from a Sullivan researcher, he married Emme Craven. From the same note, I have that Charles married Jemima Reeve and they had three sons, John, Charles Craven and James. From the same note, James moved to Tennessee after the Revolutionary War and married Eleanor (Nelly) Wilson. Northumberland County Virginia Wills and Administrations 1750-1770 compiled by Lewis and Booker has the will of Charles Sullivan of Wiccocomoco Parish of Northumberland County written 12 March 1767 from and probated May 11, 1767 and names wife Jemima, sons John, Charles Craven and James and daughter Betty. In another note from a different researcher, it was noted that he was in court to have his age adjudged in 1697. He was adjudged to be 18 years old and was indentured to a Walter Jenkins. So this Sullivan family is:

Peter Sullivan b. abt 1680 d. 1746/1747 in Northumberland County, married Emme Craven. He had the following children:
Moses Sullivan

Charles Sullivan d. 1767 wife was Jemima Reeve and he had the following family:
John Sullivan

Charles Craven Sullivan

James Sullivan married Elenor (Nelly) Wilson and moved to Tennessee after the Revolutionary War

Betty Sullivan

Thomas Sullivan of Northumberland County

From Northumberland County Wills & Administration 1713-1748 by Lewis & Brown , Thomas Sullivan estate administered by Daniel Sullivan on March 12 1743/4. Since no family relationships were given, a family cannot be derived.

Daniel Sullivan of Essex County

From Essex County, Virginia Records, 1717-1722 abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman, there is a deed from Richard and William Blanton of St. Mary's parish, Essex County, planters to Daniel Sullivan of Southfarnham Parish in same county planter dated May 19, 1719. Nothing else is known of this Daniel Sullivan.

Timothy Sullivan of Essex County

From Will Abstracts of Essex County, Virginia, 1730-1735 by Sparacio, there is a will left by Timothy Sullivan of Essex County and the Parish of St. Ann. It names his wife Mary and sons James, Thomas, John and daughter Mary. The will was written in January 11, 1733/4 and Proved May 21, 1734. There is also a deed where Timothy Sullivan of St. Ann's Parish bought 100 acres of land along the Longbridge Swamp dated January 14, 1722. This Sullivan is:

Timothy Sullivan b. before 1701 d. abt 1734 of St. Ann's Parish of Essex County who married Mary and had the following family:
James Sullivan

Thomas Sullivan

John Sullivan

Mary Sullivan

Cornelius Sullivan of Northumberland County

From Virginia Colonial Abstracts Vol. I & II Northumberland Cty. Virginia 1778-1813 by Beverly Fleet In Court 16 Mar. 1708/09, Will of E. Maise by Cornelius Swillivant & Katherine his wife. From NNorthumberland County Wills and Administration 1713-1748 by Lewis and Browny Joseph Sullivan's will was administered by Cornelius Sullivan on July 13, 1742. From data supplied by another Sullivan researcher, his line is:

Cornelius Sullivan b. before 1688 married to Katherine and had the following son :
Joseph Sullivan d. 1742 had the following son:
Cornelius Sullivan will 1761 had the following son:
Dennis Sullivan will 1787 married Ann Sampson and had the following son:
Joseph Sullivan d. 1823 had the following son:
Richard Sullivan b. 1802 d. 1851 married to Sally Barrack and had the following son:
Richard Sullivan married Ella Green 1868

Dennis Sullivan of Lancaster County

The only record for Dennis Sullivan of Lancaster is from Abstracts Lancaster County, Virginia, Wills-1653-1800 by Lee.The record is an inventory taken by Daniel Sullivan, administrator, on April 1747 of the estate of Dennis Sullivan.

John Sullivan of Northumberland County

From the LDS IGI, (it looks like it was taken from the St. Stephen's Parish records):

John Sullivan of St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland married Jane and had the following children:
Mary Sullivan b. December 26, 1737

Hannah Sullivan b. August 14, 1739

Peggie Sullivan b. August 9, 1742

John Sullivan b. August 21, 1747

Betty Sullivan b. November 10, 1749

Judy Sullivan b. January 25, 1754

James Sullivan b June 24, 1755.

Jesse Sullivan b. November 24, 1757

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