The Killdozer Page - a loving tribute to my favourite action hero!

In this episode - Killdozer visits the Holy land!

"DAMN! This is GREAT dozin' country!!!"

"Hey... I wonder what those guys are up to?"

"Allah ak-bar! Death to Israel! Death to America!"

"GRRRRR! You just made me very mad!"

"Oy vey! Is there gonna be some 'dozer killin' today..."


"Die terrorist scum!"

"That's tellin' him Killdozer!"

"Allah Ack-bar! Die you infidel Zionist earth-moving equipment!!!"

"Killdozer... Truck bomb at three o'clock!"

"Huh? Wha? Did I just hit something?"

"Man.. I didn't even feel that one..."

"Ohhh... You... Killdozer... you... "

"Remember kids.. stay in school, say no to drugs and don't mess with Texas..."

Stay tuned for our next exciting episode - 'Killdozer takes Colorado!'