City of Heroes Helper

Click here to download the program and save it to a folder on your PC. You probably won't need this program for long so I would suggest simply making a folder right on your desktop and saving it there. When you're done with the program, delete the folder.

Right now, this program's main purpose is to collect your computer's diagnostic data and output it in a nice, short format that's easily read on tech forums. Currently, we are having folks display their entire DirectX Diagnostic information, which makes for a ton of data we really don't need at all. Unfortunately, trying to explain exactly what they should and shouldn't post is a lot of trouble. So, I made this program to pull out the parts we are interested and toss in several of the important registry settings the game uses as well.

This program uses Microsoft's .Net Framework 2.0 to run. Most modern PCs already have the framework installed but there are a few out there that don't have it yet. I would suggest you try to run the program and, if you immediately get an error, then you probably need to get the framework. Microsoft's 2.0 Framework can be found here or you could search Microsoft's site for an even more recent version of the framework. (Version 2.0 is the last version that works with Windows 2000.)

Diagnosing PC problems also is often helped by knowing what programs are running on a PC and what gets run when the PC starts up. This program doesn't gather that at all, largely because HiJack This already gathers that information far better than I could.

A note to Vista users: you will want to run CoH Helper as the same user as you run the game with. So, if the game is asking you to run as administrator, then you will need to right click on this program to run it and select the 'run as administrator' option. If you don't, the program will not be able to find any of your registry information.

In the future, I plan to add functionality to help you edit your registry settings, much like Circeus' excellent TweakCoH program.