Moon Phase Calendar for 2014
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Moon rise, transit and set times:*


(always in the east, northeast
or southeast)

(time of highest position
in the sky, due south)

(always in the west, northwest
or southwest)

New Moon

Rises at Sunrise

Transits at Noon

Sets at Sunset

First Quarter

Rises at Noon

Transits at Sunset

Sets at Midnight

Full Moon

Rises at Sunset

Transits at Midnight

Sets at Sunrise

Third Quarter

Rises at Midnight

Transits at Sunrise

Sets at Noon

Intermediate phases rise, transit and set approximately 50 minutes later than on the prior day.
There is considerable variation here, due to seasonal changes in the angle of the ecliptic.

*Note: These are VERY rough estimates! Many parameters are involved in accurately calculating rise/transit/set
times, not least of which are DST (Daylight Saving Time) changes.