Saga of Nightstalker


Welcome to the new Saga of Nightstalker Play-by-email website which focuses on 3rd edition Advanced Dungeon & Dragons. The site is new, but the campaign has been around for over a decade now and is currently in a period of rejuvenation after some very busy real-life years. A few long time players remain, a few patience low level players remains and a handful of new players are currently being added. (See Wanted Players).


At this point this site, will not have much but I hope will eventually have player profiles, maps, history, god demographics and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, my web creation skills are limited so it is likely to be static, unless someone else creates it for me or teaches me with my limited available software.


In the broadest of terms, Iím looking for posts at least once a week. If in combat, I hope for twice a week.



Want to join? Check out this link. It contains the basics of what I am looking for, not looking for and will not accept. It also has a link to the character that should be filled out if you would like to submit one.

Already read the information, and ready to make your character. Please use my character sheet.


Character Profiles


House Rules/Interpretations


Combat Thoughts


Geographical Information (primarily cities/towns)




World map: (progress is being made, stay tuned to be enlightened...well perhaps just stay tuned to get an idea of where you PC is)