Underground bunker in "Florida"

"And then there were twelve". After Major Cooper died, there were only twelve people left in this underground fortress. Two civilians, three scientists, and seven military personel... and hordes of the undead. With communications down, and unable to find another living soul within 100 miles in each direction, tension was high and nerves were frayed. But what was the greatest threat to their survival, the legions of zombies, or themselves?

As with many digital cameras that I have seen, areas with low lighting do not lend themselves to good picture taking. I took several more pictures than these, but they came out to blurry to really post here. You can see that the outside pictures look much better than the inside ones.

Welcome to the gates of hell
The temperature drops immediately once inside
You can see this is cut right into the mountain
Seeing these columns was so cool!
Deeper into the bowels
No need for airconditioning in here
On the way back out