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George Alberque's Family Tree

This is Ernest George, Jr., ("Georgie") with his sister Rose.

Below is Ernest George, Jr., (second from right) with fellow Scouts, including Ozzie Nelson (far right, later of television fame).  Ozzie's brother, Al, is second from left.





Ernest George, Jr.,   "George"

Ernest George Alberque, Jr., born July 31, 1900, died Dec. 25, 1958

Married  June 15, 1924

Florence Kathleen MacCrae, born Aug. 2, 1906, died Feb. 28, 1938, Calvary Cemetery

   (Her parents were John Neilson McCrae and Florence Murphy, both of whom were born in Scotland.)

           Joan Cecile McGovern, nee Alberque, born Apr. 13, 1925

 Married Aug. 23, 1947

 John V. McGovern

                13 Children:

                John, Jr.

                Michael Scot

                Terence P.

                   Married Marcie

                Philip J. born 10/31/51

                  Married  Laurie O'Neill.  5 Daughters:

                            Sarah Nancy 2/16/81

                            Siobhan 12/3/81

                            Jaime Rose 3/22/85

                            Hannah Kathleen 3/24/88

                            Mairead 12/13/90











               Phil and his family

Back: Laurie, Siobhan, Hannah, Jaime, Phil; 

Front: Sarah, Mairead



                Christopher R.

                Mary E.

                Alice R.

                Joan M.

                Anne Marie

                Thomas J. (deceased June 6, 1990)

                Seamus P.

                Eileen C.

      As of August, 2000, there were 25 grandchildren and 26th expected.

        Robert James Alberque, born 12/31/1927 (?), died 12/4/1997


        Bernice Cantoni, born ?/?/?

                5 children:


                Carol Kronen

                Gregory (deceased)

                Nancy (deceased)

                Steven (deceased)

        Sandra Parte Catlin ( July 21, 1932-April 28, 2001)

        Married October 27, 1951

        Joseph T. Parte (July 31, 1929-May 21, 1956)

                M. Kathleen Parte-Willbergh, born Sept. 4, 1952

               Jacqueline M. Griffith, born Nov. 16, 1953

               Kenneth J. Parte, born March 7, 1955

               Robert J. Parte, born Jan. 11, 1959

        Remarried September 24, 1988

        Ronald T. Catlin

        Ernest George Alberque, III (Feb. 18, 1935-August 1990)


        Roseanne Lanese (May 26, 1939- July 2006)

                Florence Mary Alberque, born Aug. 15, 1960

                Roberta Anne Alberque Massey, born Aug. 2, 1961

                          Keith Raymond Alberque, born Nov. 27, 1986


                                 Ashley Fonseca-Alberque born May 17, 1984

                                           Mikaela Rose Alberque, born July 29, 2010

                Michael George Alberque, born Oct. 16, 1968


Madeline Ghezzi, born ?/?/?



        Thomas Regan

            2? children:



        Steven Michael Orland, born 1945   

                    Michael, born 1979

                    Timothy, born 1982



        Alan Kirchoff