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Dino-Soft Software is **NOT** a Business!!

Dino-Soft Software is a hobby, which I use to try and fill the many hours of the day and night with, while trying to forget about my physical pain and discomfort. In the small town I live in I try and donate as much of my time to helping people with their computers as I possibly can. Because of my disabilities however I can only help with a limited number, and those I do help sometimes have to be patience; because I can only work on the machines for a very limited time. A lot of the time I wait for one of my children to come home from school; because I can then tell them what is wrong and supervise them as they do the physical part of the repair which I most times find to painful to do myself. I try and learn those that either call or bring their computers to me, how to operate their machines both safely and efficiently both on and off the world wide web. When someone here in town calls me with a computer problem I try my best to fix their problem over the phone; but if that doesn't work, I then have them bring the computer tower to me; because I am disabled and it is hard for me to go to where they are. I most always don't charge for my time; but will examine their computer and tell them what I think is wrong with it and what part (or parts) are needed to rectify their problem. I recommend several places they can go to purchase the parts and then I install the parts for them. I do this on a sort of first come first served and it is also dependent on how I am feeling that day (physically). I truly believe GOD has given me several gifts which I share willingly and I would not feel right charging for something GOD has given to me. I am NOT certified; but rather self taught. The only type or sort of certification I have is a certificate from the "Sears Institute of Technology" back in 1971 while in the United States Army, for "Television Equipment Repair". In other words I did not train to repair Televisions; but rather trained to diagnose and repair all the test equipment used to test and repair televisions. The graphic for web pages are created by my daughter and she *IS* planning at a later time to charge for the web page graphics; but at this time she is only mentioning the prices and is at present NOT selling nor has she sold any of the web page graphics.

I also write some software and give it away; but I do accept donations for the software; but donations are NOT required. I think I should explain however my method of programming. I call it "Legoprograming"; because what I do is to scour the internet for programming code snippets and have quite a large library of code snippets. Then when I get an Idea for a program I can turn to my code snippets and use parts of various other programs and or code snippets to create a program. There is a large community of software programmers out on the web that give away code snippets and some give away complete source code to a program and most all don't even wish to have their name mentioned as having any part of the program you create using parts of their code. I however if I feel a large portion of the program I create from bits and pieces has come from either a single or multiple programmers source code, I will then include their name in the source code and sometimes in an about box or a thank you box or what is called a "Shout outs". Some of my software my say that it is shareware and that a certain price is required for it's use; HOWEVER this is not the case and I have just not gotten around to changing the programs in which that was placed. I had quite a few years ago entertained the thought of making my software shareware; but have since conclude that GOD freely gave me these gifts there for I can not in good conscience charge for that which was given to me freely. I will at some time in the future get around to changing all the software installers and about boxes which state the software is shareware; however until then I decided to put up this sort of disclaimer letting anyone that wants to download my software know that it is FREEWARE and let everyone know that NO payment is required; but that I do accept donations.

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