Kitchen Counter Extension

I purchased the prefabricated counter extension made by Camco.  The extension was configured to have the wide side to the counter top.  My counter was narrow at the point I want the extension.  I need to rotate the extension 90 degrees for its width to match the counter top.  The piano hinge was removed, the remain two square corners were rounded, the long edge was routed with a round over bit to match the other three edges, and then the unfinished surfaces were coated with wipe-on polyurethane to match the existing finish.  I re-installed the hinged on the short side.  The extension was then installed as per the directions provided.  The end of the cabinet is constructed out of 1/4" plywood.  This was not solid enough for the extension support arm.  I glued a 3/8" 7 layer piece of plywood to the inside of the cabinet, to strengthen the cabinet end.  The 3/8" plywood was cut to receive the existing 120 volt receptacle, which is under the extension.  This receptacle has not gotten much use.