Disclaimer: While every reasonable effort has been made to provide a safe computing experience, all risks associated with downloading and operating this application are assumed by you.  If something bad happens because you didn't understand what was going on, or even if the program contained an error, any damage is not my fault.  If you cannot deal with these concepts, do not try to use this program.


You need a recent version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run PFC Viewer.  On a Windows machine, you can tell what version of the JRE you have by opening a Command Prompt (or MS-DOS Prompt) window, and running the command:

java -version

The application requires version 1.4 or later; it will not work with earlier versions.  If you need to, you can download the JRE from Sun.  Note that you only need to install the JRE to run the application, not the whole SDK.  Be sure to follow the installation instructions; you should uninstall previous versions of the JRE before installing the new one.

Aside from that, PFC Viewer should work on any machine running Windows 98 or later, as well as Linux.


To obtain the PFC Viewer application, download the pfcview.jar file containing the application classes.  To install, save the file using the .jar extension into a directory such as "C:\My Documents\Pfcviewer", or onto the Windows Desktop.

current version 0.5: pfcview.jar