No Child Left Behind: Changing Expectations

Changing Expectations so that No Child will be Left Behind

As we progress through the school reform stages of the No Child Left        
Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), math and science educators, principals,
district/state supervisors, project directors, and parents need to know more
about how to address the increasing diversity and equity issues in educating
African-American children.  The book presented here goes beyond describing
the achievement gaps by posing solutions for two long unanswered questions
in the reform movement to close the gaps: (1) What can be done to raise
teacher, counselor, and administrator expectations? (2) What role can
technology play in addressing diversity and equity issues in classrooms?

This resource contributes a case of a teacher's change in stated beliefs
and expectations and change in instructional strategies toward being
successful in teaching student subgroups of diverse cultural and ethnic
backgrounds.  The author pays particular attention to how the teacher
"changes" to enhance the learning of his African-American students. 
Offering this book's participating teacher as an exemplar provides a point
of departure for effecting change in current education reform.  In other
words, such reflection might empower teachers and other educators to
actively engage in reconstructing their own expectations and practices toward creating a more equitable learning environment--one in which diverse students are empowered to learn and are Not Left Behind

A goal of this evidence-based book is to encourage educators to develop alternative beliefs and strategies with regard to creating adequate opportunities to learn.  In order to reach this goal, it is necessary for this work to provide two models that explain the participating teacher's change in beliefs and change in practices.  The No Child Left Behind Act makes this case especially timely for those working to prepare highly-qualified teachers for closing the achievement gaps.

                Video Source: Career Communications Group, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                           4 min 13 sec - Mar 17, 2006

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