What is EV3PO

Vehicle type:  Front engine, front wheel drive, with removable gull wing doors.  It is an electric vehicle based on the designs of Rick Doran.  It is a 3 wheeled vehicle (2 in front, 1 in rear). 

Cost to build: $13,000 

Time to build: 2 years

Seating capacity: 2

Brakes:  Front/Rear.....Disc/drum

Accessories:  AM/FM CD in-dash stereo, 2-60 air conditioner (2 doors off at 60 mph)

Motor:  Series wound DC traction motor (Prestolite 7.2" diameter) 65 peak horsepower, 85 ft. lbs. of torque at stall,                            1Hr. Rating 20 H.P. @ 4400 RPM / 185A, 85% efficient, 105 pounds.

Controller:  Auburn Scientific Kodiak (Model C600, Serial #149)   144 Volts/600 Amps; air cooled 

Batteries: Twelve Panasonic 12V sealed, deep cycle lead acid (EC-EV1260) wired in series for 144 Volts. Energy capacity = 6.57 kilowatt-hours.  Pack weight = 512 pounds.

Drivetrain:  4 speed transmission

Suspension:  Front.....unequal length control arms, coil over shocks (Honda Prelude), anti-roll bar

                     Rear......trailing arm with coil over shock (Subaru)

Dimensions:    Wheel base.....90 in.

                        Track F/R.......52 in. / 0 in.

                        Length............144 in.    

                        Width.............60 in.

                        Height............47 in.

                        Clearance.......5.7 in.

Chassis Construction:  Fiberglass foam core composite body, integral roll cage, steel backbone frame

Interior:  Seats/adjustments.....Bucket/fore and aft

Wheels and tires:  steel rims, P175/70R13 low rolling resistance radial tires 

                               (TOYO 800 Ultra, Treadwear 700, Traction A, Temperature B)

Frontal area:  17 sq. ft.

Chargers: Zivan K2 high frequency onboard charger, 220VAC input / 144VDC output (14 Amps)

                 Bycan opportunity charger 110VAC input / 144VDC output (6 amps)

Time it takes to charge from empty:  3 hours using both chargers

Curb Weight:   1850 lbs.  

Weight distribution:   F/R......74/26 % 

Range:  35 miles 

Energy Usage:  200 Watt-hours (DC) per mile  

Miles per gallon equivalent: 69 mpg (based on my electricity rates and average gas prices in my area)





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