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Genealogy Resources and Tutorials

GenTutor Approach to Genealogy -- Genealogy Tips
Are you just getting started with your family history search?
Or are you off to a good start, but in need of some help in deciding what to do next?
Either way, this extensive page of tips will get you moving!
Instructions for Genealogical Charting
Instructions for how to fill out the two most basic forms used by genealogists
Federal Census Descriptions
Learn the different information covered each ten years in Federal Census (PDF download)
Web Sites for Genealogy and History
Some of Beverly's favorite Internet sites.
Relationship Chart
Figure out cousin relationships the easy way.
And I recommend still another source to aid you in determining relationships:
Cousin Calculator
Bibliography for Genealogy and History
My recommended reading list, divided into categories.
Pedigree Plotter
One way to gather the information needed for a pedigree chart.
Genealogy Research in Kansas City
Get a head start on your family history research in the KC area.
Kansas City History
Historical chart for a four-county area.
American History Events: It Happened At Christmas
Events that occurred in the month of December, a timeline and description