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Howdy! I hope this Web page and the other ones linked to it will help you to find out a little bit more about me, my interests, my ideas, what I've already done, what I hope to do in the future, and more.

Briefly, I'm a computer programmer and consultant. My background is primarily in Research and Development, working either for computer manufacturers or on a one-off consulting-type basis. I'm single, originally born and raised in the Chicago suburbs but presently living in Dallas, Texas. I've also been fortunate enough to live for a while in several other fascinating places: Champaign-Urbana Illinois (about five years), San Antonio Texas (almost 12 years), and Paris France (almost 9 years).

You might find my proposal for a new kind of personal transportation system, designed to replace the automobile, especially interesting. This sounds like an ambitious project (and it is, I suppose) but it's not really all that outrageous when you consider that I was also the person who designed and wrote the systems software for the world's first commercially successful local area network, back in 1976 and 1977. So in my own little way, I've changed the world before. The next time, I want to make even a more significant change. (grin!)

This page, and the others of my pages (at least) that are linked to it, should (like all Web homepages) be considered a document in work, which will be updated from time to time. So you can expect there to be some areas which are subject to change. But there's already enough here to give you a good idea of what kind of person I am! And until I get around to some day writing an autobiography or something, this is probably the closest thing there will be to it. And isn't that the idea of a homepage, after all?

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Again, thanks for visiting. I hope you found some of the stuff here interesting and thought-provoking! I'd appreciate hearing your comments and suggestions. And of course, if you found anything here that didn't work right for you, I'd appreciate knowing about that, too.

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