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Thank you for your interest in the Restaurant Explorers Club! Our booth at the Southwest Food Service Expo is the first wide public announcement of our new Club. We'll be thrilled to have you participate with us in this exciting adventure of exploration and discovery!

The Restaurant Explorers Club is a free-to-diners, Web-based membership organization designed to benefit restaurant owners and managers, as well as the dining public. We intend to set up separate local Club Web sites for cities and towns across the USA.

For restaurant owners, the Club offers a number of wonderful features:

More Customers - the Club will bring people into your restaurant that probably would have never come in for the first time otherwise.
Showcase Your Restaurant's Best Advantages - We help ensure that your customers notice and appreciate those special points you concentrate on as restaurant owners and managers... those things which you hope will set your restaurant apart from your competitors.
Improved Customer Communication - the Club provides immediate, low-cost ways to rapidly and inexpensively contact your restaurant's customers with news of specials, changes, and other announcements. We also facilitate feedback from your customers back to you with suggestions, comments, and any complaints they might have. Catch small problems before they become big ones!
Quality Exposure - even small, individually owned restaurants can have the same high quality presentation as the "big guys". For once, you're not operating at a disadvantage!
Frequent, Repeated Exposure - Our unique approach gets your restaurant's name, location and key points in front of our members at least three times a month, keeping your restaurant fresh in their mind.
Unbeatable Demographics - Internet users as a group tend to be more educated, intelligent and affluent... these are people who probably eat out a lot. They also communicate by chat rooms, newsgroups, mailing lists and other online communities... meaning you'll get great "word of mouth" advertising from your satisfied customer Club members, too.
Synergy - By bringing so many interesting restaurants together in one compelling online place, we can get your restaurant better exposure than you could ever hope to get on your own.
See Your Return - With the Restaurant Explorers Club, you'll clearly recognize the increased customer traffic coming from Club members, because they will usually identify themselves as Club members (in order to get the advertised club member specials) when they come in.
Unbelievable Value - your restaurant can be part of the Restaurant Explorers Club for less than $100 a month... just $1145 a year... this is simply the best value there is in promoting your restaurant. Compare our price and value with any other form of advertising or promotion!

As one of our charter restaurant members, there are ways you can make the Restaurant Explorers Club an even better value for you:

If you have visited our booth at the Southwest Food Service Expo, you probably can benefit from our show special, which gives you from one to as many as twelve free months as an additional bonus, added at no extra cost to your first year's membership.
Ask us about other our special charter member offers which might be available for you.

So what's the secret?

How does the Restaurant Explorers Club provide all these unique benefits, at such an incredibly low price?

Along with your membership fee, we ask each participating restaurant to comp us three meals for two a month (the customer will pay for drinks, tax, and tip).
We put those free meals from all of our participating restaurants together and post a daily Winners List (based on a random drawing each day from among our Club dining members) at 3:00pm.
Members need to check the daily Winners List every day, and claim their free meal (by calling us, or filling out a form at our Web site) before 8:00pm the same day. If they don't claim it, we'll send them an E-mail reminder the following morning... we want them to see our list of dining suggestions every day. People are creatures of habit... we are working hard to make sure that visiting our Web site becomes an important and enjoyable part of their daily routine.
When dining members check our daily Winners List, they will see the day's awarding restaurants' names, locations, and (briefly) why they might want to visit those restaurants, along with who has won the free meal today for each of those restaurants. This keeps our member restaurants fresh in their minds.
A single click on your restaurant's link from the Winner's List will take them directly to your restaurant's information pages, complete with outside and inside pictures, location, map, important information, along with complete menus, even your wine list if applicable. This gives them all the information they need to help get over people's natural reluctance to go into a restaurant they don't know anything about.
When they soon thereafter are asking themselves "where do we want to go for dinner tonight?", your restaurant will be one of the first ones near the top of the pile in their minds. It's as simple and compelling as that!

Besides the Daily Winners List, our Web site also allows people to search for specific places to eat based on location, type of restaurant, price range, or type of cuisine. Our simple, efficient Web site design is designed to work well even for the folks with dialup-type internet or wireless connections... we avoid the bulky, self-indulgent, slow-to-load Web site excesses (that are only maybe cute the first time, but discourage repeated visits) that so many Web sites use. Our Web site design is "search engine friendly," too, meaning that your restaurant and even your menu items should be fully indexed and searchable by major search engines.

We'll be glad to answer your questions and explain why the Restaurant Explorers Club is so uniquely compelling... absolutely the best value there is for promoting your restaurant. We can provide you repeated, timely, quality exposure (and a lot of new customers!) at a price and value that's simply unbeatable.

E-mail us at: inquiry@terabites.com, or call us at (972) 488-8447.

Restaurant Explorers Club - We're Menu Driven!

Your satisfaction is our business! Our philosophy is a continually improving service for both the dining public and the restaurants who feed them. Send us your ideas, comments, and suggestions. We'll listen! E-mail us at: feedback@terabites.com.

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