What is USA test prep?
-  USA test prep is an online assessment tool that allows students to complete assessments outside of the class and receive immediate grading.


Why are we doing USA test prep?
-  We are using this tool so I can assess student performance on a weekly basis and adjust my teaching plan accordingly.


How does USA test prep work?
-  Students will need to log onto

-  click on Member Login in upper right corner

-  School ID:  sandersonnc

-  enter your login and password

-  click on EOC and choose "Algebra I"

-  choose a test to take from the left side of the screen

    Small Test = 20 problems (25 % of the EOC)
    Medium Test = 40 problems (50 % of the EOC)
    Large Test = 60 problems (75 % of the EOC)

-  choose me from the drop down list of teachers and choose your class period


How will this count as a grade?
-  You can "repair" any and all homework grades and benchmark grades throughout the fourth quarter

-  I will use the following grading scale:
    completing a practice test = grade of 70
    60 % - 79 % = grade of 80
    80 % and up = grade of 90

-  Grade "repairs" will occur in increments of 20 problems
    i.e. - a small test can repair one grade ; a medium test can repair two
    grades ; a large test can repair three grades