Rowan County, NC

GILLIAMs of Rowan County, NC
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Rowan was formed in 1753 from Anson. It was named in honor of Matthew Rowan who was a prominent leader before the Revolution and who for a short time after the death of Governor Gabriel Johnston was acting governor. It is in the central section of the State and is bounded by Davidson, Stanly, Cabarrus, Iredell and Davie counties. Its present land area is 511.31 square miles. The county seat was first called Rowan Court House. It has been called Salisbury since about 1755.

The Gilliams of Rowan County, trace their roots to Albemarle Parish, Surry County, VA. It is believed that Sarah Gilliam married Jesse Regan. Also settling in Rowan is a John Gilliam who married Jerusha Morris. It is likely John also has roots in Albemarle Parish. Another Gilliam family is that of Drury Gilliam.

The Gilliams of Abbotts Creek should not be confused with the children of Abraham Gillean and wife Mary who lived on Second and Third Creeks.
The family of Abraham and Mary included John, Jesse, Jane, Betty, and Peggy.

30 Sep 1782
Hugh McCreary to William McCreary for £10 specie, 198.5 acres on Rich Fork of Abbotts Creek bought from John Danby, part of land lately surveyed for Jesse Gillem.
Wit: Charles Wilson, Henry Davis
Rec: Aug Court 1783
Rowan County Deed Book 9, page 301

16 Aug 1783
Philip Fishburn & Henrietta Maria Fishburn of Salisbury to Robert Gillam & William Gillam for £18.12 to Phoebe Gillam on behalf of these her children the afsd Robert & Gillam infants, lots 23 and 31 W Sq of Salisbury.
Wit: Isaiah Scudder [German]
Rec: Nov Court 1783
Rowan County Deed Book 9, page 314

10 Oct 1783
State Grant #323 at 50 sh the 100 acres to Jesse Gilliam, 400 acres of Rich Fork of Abbotts Creek, adj William Botinghammer & Hugh Lusk.
Rowan County Deed Book 10, page 124

13 Feb 1790
Jesse [ his X mark] Gilllem to John Gillem for £20, 173 acres on Rich Fork of Abbotts Creek adj Jesse Gilem, now Joseph Sutlive. It was part of a State grant to this Grantor (Deed Book 10, page 124)
Wit: James Regan, Henry Davis, W. Bodenhamer.
Prvd: by Bodenhamer at Feb Ct 1808
Rowan County Deed Book 21, page 150

20 Aug 1795
Frances McIntire to Jacob Hollshouser, weaver for £43, 100 acres of South fork of Crane Creek adj Frederick Mower and John Phillips. Part of a state grant to William Temples Coles on 4 Nov 1784 who conveyed it to Frederick Mower on 31 Aug 1785, and from him to George Holmes on 23 Mar 1786 (Deed Book 22, page 128) who sold it to this Grantor on 23 Jan 1795 (Deed Book, 22, page 104).
Wit: Robert Linn, Conrad Gilliam
Prvd: at May Court 1811
Rowan County Deed Book 22, page 100

19 Dec 1807
John Gillam to Jarratt Ball for $140, 75.5 acres on Brushy Fork of Abbotts Creek adj Henry Barkshire. Eastern part of conveyance from Jesse Gillam to his son, this Grantor.
Wit: Jno Rendell, Ezekiel Collatt Jesse Tagart
Prvd: by Tagart at Aug Ct 1814
Rowan County Deed Book 23, page 175

24 May 1808
John Gillam of Rowan to Isham Regans of Surry County, NC for $315, 105 acres on Rich Fork of Abbotts Creek adj Jared Ball, Charles Pidgeon, Thomas Cecil, Gillam Regan, Jonathan Cooper and Ezekiel Colett. (It was where this Grantor lived)
Wit: Gilliam Regan, Jeremiah Kimbrough
Prvd: Gillam Regan at Feb Ct 1814.
Rowan County Deed Book 23, page 97

20 Mar 1811
Drury [his X mark] Guilam to Abraham Farrington for $298, 99.25 acres on both sides of Rich Fork of Abbotts Creek adj Salathiel Stone, Charles Pidgeon, and this Grantee. Part of a aconveyance form Joseph Ross of Guilford County, NC to this Grantor on 18 Jan 1809.
Wit: Britain Js. Heymoore, Allen Cecil
Prvd: by Heymoore at May Ct 1817
Rowan County Deed Book 24, page 220

21 Sep 1812
James Regan to Melchoir Tarr for $500, 200 acres on Ridge Fork of Abbotts Creek adj Richard Feadon [?] Mitchel, and William Bodenhamer. Part of state grant to Jesse Gillem (Deed Book 10, page 124) who conveyed it to this Grant on 1 Feb 1791 as registered in Deed Book 12 page 711.
Wit: J. W. Kerlet [?] [German]
Prov: Adam Grims, Nov Court 1812
Rowan County Deed Book 20, page 334

29 Sep 1812
Drury Gillum to James Regan, both of Rowan. Both sides of Rich Fork of Abbotts Creek and joining John Gillum’s and James Regan’s old place and others. Pain’s line. 153 acres.
Sig: Drury [his X mark] Gillum
Wit: Gilliam Regan, Amil/Anvil ? [sic] Regan
[Abstract reads Signed Drury Regan]
Rowan County Deed Book ____, page 12

26 Sep 1815
Jonathan Cooper to George Myers on waters of Rich Fork and Hunt’s Fork of Abbotts Creek. Land conveyed him by James Gorden. Jesse Gillum’s line and corner to Wm. Bodenhamer’s lot. Richardson Oyens line, 114 acres.
Wit: Silas Peace, Amos Kersey
Rowan County Deed Book ____, page 177

24 Aug 1819
Drury Gillum of Orange County INDIANA, to Robert Killion for $555, 162 acres and 25 perches on Rich Fork of Abbotts Creek adj Saml Welborn, Tise, Henry Ledford, and Ross
Wit: Ezekiel Brown, Jaen (his X mark) Jones.
Prvd: by Brown at May Ct 1820
Rowan County Deed Book 25, page 810
[The above was taken from a published abstract. Does the original say Indiana or Virginia?]

Land Entries
Land Entries 1778
16 Sep 1778
Jesse Gillum enters 400 acres in Rowan County on Rich Fork of Abbotts Creek, bordering Hugh Lusk’s S. line and runs down both sides of Creek.
Page 227

2 Apr 1816
Bride: Jerushe Morris
Groom: John Gillom
Bond Date: 02 Apr 1816
County: Rowan
Record #: 01 155
Bondsman: Amos Regan
Witness: Geo Dunn
Bond #: 000125177


Pension application of John GILLIAM S6889

State of North Carolina, Davidson County
On this 13th day of September 1832 personally appeared before Charles Hoover one of the Justices of the County of Davidson & State aforesaid John GILLIAM a resident of the County of Davidson & State of North Carolina aged 78 years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832.

That he entered the United States service under the following named officers and served as herein stated. He entered the Service as a volunteer in the year 1776 or 77 but in consequence of the paralyzing effect of disease upon his memory he does not distinctly recollect the time when he entered the service. Salisbury in Rowan County N. C. was the place of rendezvous. He was there put under the command of Captain Hedrick & commenced a campaign against the Indians who infested the Western part of North Carolina & the Eastern part of Tennessee. He marched through the Western part of North Carolina across the Allegheny mountains and marched into the State of Tennessee to an Indian village called Valley Town where they fought a battle1 with the Indians in which engagement they were killed and took prisoners many of the Indians soon after the battle he returned to Rowan County (now Davidson) which was then his place of residence & he has resided there ever since the termination of the Revolution. He served four months and this tour.

In the year 17__ [blank in original] he again entered the service of the United States a substitute for Till Tilman. The North Carolina troops assembled at Salisbury from thence they marched to Charlotte from thence to Camden past Camden to Augusta from Augusta to Stono Creek where they fought a severe battle with the British Army at which battle he was commanded by Captain David Cowan Colonel Lytle & General Ashe Soon after the battle at Stono Creek he received a discharge from Colonel Lytle & a returned to Rowan County N. C. during this campaign he served four months & he states that he has lost his discharge & he further states that he has no documentary evidence and that he knows of no person whose testimony he can procure who can testify to his service. he hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present & declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.
Sworn to & subscribed the day and year aforesaid

Sig: Chas. Hoover, JP
Sig: John GILLIAM, (his X mark)

[Isaiah Spurgin, a clergyman, and Randall Brummell gave the standard supporting affidavit. John appears to have died about August 15, 1835 as there is a certificate in the file indicating that as the cut off date for payments due his heirs.]

  • Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements, Pension application of John GILLIAM S6889 fn13NC. Transcribed by Will Graves.