Pendleton County, SC

GILLIAMs of Pendleton County, SC
Updated August 29, 2011


Pendleton County was created in 1789 from Indian lands and was, at that time, a part of the old Ninety-Six District. In 1795, Washington District was carved out of the old Ninety-Six District and included the then-Pendleton County area. Three short years later in 1798, Washington District was abolished and divided into Greenville and Pendleton Districts. In 1826, Pendleton District was further divided into Anderson and Pickens Districts; the name "Pendleton" was discarded and never used again for a South Carolina district or county.

A final change was made to the area when the old district system was dismantled in 1868. Anderson District became Anderson County, and Pickens District was divided into Pickens County and Oconee County. Records from the old Pendleton District can be found in the Anderson County Courthouse.


Court Minutes

June Court 1793
James Hamilton vs Joseph Erwin. Attachment. Summons Jacob Gilham upon Generostee, near Col. Moffet.
Pendleton County Court Minutes
SCMAR, Vol. VII, Summer 1979, No. 3, p. 180

25 Aug 1789
Robert Pickens of Pendleton County, S. C., Planter, conveys to John Hamilton of the said state and county, Planter, for £37.10, a part of a tract of land containing 150 acres in Ninety-Six District on the Branches of Twenty-three mile Creek, waters of Savannah River, (adjoining) Jacob Gilham's line.
Jacob Gilham
Eben Buchanan
Robert Pickens
Sworn 9 Aug. 1790 before John Wilsonn, J. P., by Jacob Gilham.
Pendleton County, South Carolina, Conveyance Book A, 1790-1792, Page 78-80
SCMAR, Vol. III, Spring 1975, No. 2, p. 74

14 Oct 1788
John Martin of York County, S. C., conveys to Thomas Woods of York County, S. C., for £.120, sterling, a piece of land in Ninety-Six District, Abbeville County, on Eighteen Mile Creek, waters of Savannah River, containing 399 acres, granted to John Martin by Gov. William Moultrie 6 Mar. 1786.
Jacob Black
John Black
John Martin
Sworn in York County 16 Sept. 1789 by Jacob Black before Thomas Gilham, J. P.
Pendleton County, South Carolina, Conveyance Book A, 1790-1792, Pages 176-177.
SCMAR, Vol. III, Spring 1975, No. 2, p. 83

2 Nov 1850
Extracts from the Diary of Rev. John McLees
Tuesday 26 Nov 1850 Genl. Gillam married Miss L. Caruth by Mr. Humphrey at Pendleton
[Louisa M. Carruth, married James Gillam. Louisa was the daughter of Robert Carruth and Mary Anderson, his wife. Louisa is mentioned in the Will of her grandfather Robert Anderson].

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