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GLASS SMITH         Mary R. Lynn


Artist Statement

I have worked with glass for 20 years, focusing primarily on stained glass for the first 10 years. Stained glass provides me with the opportunity to be challenged by the media as well as allow color, opacity, texture and structure to convey my ideas. My particular interests in stained glass are varied: 3-dimensional projects that are as functional as they are handsome; panels that provide the opportunity for my message to be conveyed through color or texture or both; and kaleidoscopes, each a unique view into a world of color and design perpetually available for enjoyment or reflection.

The early Twentieth Century Arts and Crafts movement has inspired me, including the architectural and glass work of Frank Lloyd Wright. I am developing a subspecialty in glass consistent with this movement. While the clean and geometric lines of this style appear to be simple to create, they are more difficult than more modern and abstract creations.

Because I am constantly inspired by the versatility of glass, I have explored the sculpting of both cold (stained) and hot glass over the past few years. I am beginning to incorporate glass etching, fusing and hand blown glass in my work.

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Mary Lynn