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"Some people can trace their ancestors back three hundred years,
but can't tell you where their children were last night."
- Author Unknown

Annual State of the Newsletter

This issue of the newsletter is a little late and, as you will soon see, shorter than usual. For the first time since I started publishing this newsletter, I was not satisfied with its overall content on March 1st, my self-imposed deadline. Incoming material has slowed considerably and my backlog is almost exhausted. I am very reluctant to use material just for "filler" so I really need to hear from some of you.

I continue to enjoy publishing this newsletter, but I am beginning to struggle to achieve my deadlines. I also enjoy the work I do on my website, but updates to it are becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to accomplish. The time I have left over for my own research is very short and my promise to publish another edition of my book has not been fulfilled. I have always been a "Jack of all trades, master of none" type and I have had to struggle to keep my energies focused. But my Mother's admonition remains impressed on my mind after all these years; I can still hear it well - "If you are going to do something, you might as well do it right!"

I considered putting the newsletter aside or finding someone who may be interested in keeping it going. After considerable deliberation, the compromise came to me; publish the newsletter twice a year. This should solve the problem of declining incoming information and insure that the content does not suffer. It should also carve out a little more time for me to complete more of my agenda.

So, as the newsletter enters its sixth year, it will be biannual coming in March and September. I continue to prefer to keep it free so that it is not a financial obligation. Many of you have sent me donations over the last five years and to you I am most obliged. I appreciate your help in keeping it fun! And for those who keep sending me those words of encouragement, thank you.

Someone on the mailing list probably did not receive the December issue as I had one returned missing the address label. If you will let me know, I will be pleased to re-send. During this past month I finally got my new computer. In the process of moving my files from the old computer and upgrading AOL to v. 4.0, some of the e-mail I have recently received got lost in the transition before I could answer it. If you have sent me e-mail to which I did not respond, please let me hear from you again.

The Bakers

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From Nada <nada@highland.net>: The first BAKER in my line is Rufus Morgan BAKER born 1818 VA d. Dekalb Co., AL on 17 Aug 1882. Married 1 Mar 1889 to Ann Elizabeth CULPEPPER, b. 1 Oct 1822 Jefferson Co., TN. They had a son named Andrew Tyler BAKER b. 13 Feb 1843 Dekalb Co., AL. He m. 11Sep 1867 to Eliza Jane McSPADDEN, b. 23 Jul 1845 Dekalb Co., AL; they died in AL. they had a son and named him Alexander Ward BAKER b. 16 Apr 1876 Ft. Payne, AL.

No, I do not have anyone helping me with descendants except those voices of my past that call. Searching for more information to add to their long line somehow to remember her [her grandmother who left her a wealth of information] people. Thanks and please write again. Nada

The Wards

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Jean Strickland of Moss Point, MS, now retired, sent me the following re Daniel WARD, youngest son of John WARD & Sarah COOKE of Charleston, SC.

Spanish West Florida Records 1782-1806

(200) Charges made by Louis Forneret against Isabele Alexandre, his wife, charging her with living with Daniel Ward at Mobile. Through his proxy, Joseph Piernas, Forneret questions Francois Poussett & Daniel Hicky about a legal separation from his wife.

In 1766 Forneret went to France to collect the paternal legacy he inherited. He left his wife at his home in a village called Eones near Mobile with three negroes: Jason, Adam & Baptiste and an Indian female named Madelon. While he was gone, his wife went to live with Daniel Ward first in Pensacola and then in Mobile. On the 29th Sept. 1767 his wife filed separation papers in Mobile which were granted by Augustin Rochon, Joseph Badon, Charles Vidal & Nicholas Delyle (now dec'd). She continued to live with Ward until his death 3 or 4 years ago.

Page 2

Forneret is charged with mistreating his wife and wasting her property; also with mistreating his sister, Antonia Forneret. He was an Indian interpreter for the British in Mobile and then in Pensacola.

Joseph Piernas & Anthony Mendez are notified. Thomas Courtain (English interpreter), Gabriel Fusilier & Oliver LeBlanc of Iberville are notified.

(207) Testimony of Daniel Hicky, native of Ireland. Hickey states that he arrived in Mobile in 1771 and lived next to Forneret. He did know that Forneret was a quiet & peaceful man of good conduct. He knows nothing about Forneret's property since he came to Mobile after the marriage. He knew Daniel Ward who had a house on Fish Shore. He had seen Mrs. Forneret & Ward together and had heard that they were living together. He knows nothing about Antonia Forneret. He does know that Forneret was an Indian interpreter in New Orleans. Daniel Hicky testified twice. The 2nd time by the request of L. Forneret of New Orleans.

Note: Delivered to the Mulatto, Louis LeClare, that came from Natchez 12 Feb 1793.

213) Testimony of Francois Pousset by the request of L. Forneret of N Orleans. 14 June 1793. He arrived in Mobile in Dec. 1763 and remained until 1783. He knew the Forneret's and Ward. He heard that Mrs. Forneret was a lady of violent character and irregular conduct. He remembers their voluntary separation after which she lived with Daniel Ward; and that Ward had left her a pension.

Note: Was Peter Champenoy another son of Daniel Ward by another widow? Daniel Ward's will left all of his property to Peter Champenoy. - Jean Strickland.

Betty Perkins of Belleville, IL is once again actively researching the WARD/CHILDRESS family. In January, she sent me a summary of her new research on the family of John WARD who settled at Bon Secour, AL and later Jackson Co., MS.

"Remember a few years ago I told you I didn't think John WARD1 and John WARD2 were ours. I believe we have a lot more research to do."

[These two WARDs are part of what I generally refer to as the Charleston, SC WARDs.]

According to Betty's research, John CHILDRESS b. ca 1725 in Henrico Co., VA, son of Joseph Sr., had the following issue:

1. Joseph II, b. ca 1745. He m. Sarah (Sally) GOOLSBY.
2. Judith who m. John WARD.
3. Prudence who m. a Mr. THOMAS.
4. Another daughter who m. William BALL.

"Joseph and his brother-in-law John WARD bought canoes during the American Revolution for Thomas JEFFERSON. I have documents proving this."

Joseph & Sarah CHILDRESS had issue:

1. William b. 1770 VA
2. John who m. Sarah GOOLSBY, a cousin.
3. Mary (Polly) who m. Mr. WOODY or WOODLY.

Joseph & his son William and their families moved to SC 1797-1800 or 1797-1798.

William CHILDRESS issue:

1. Milly b. Ca 1789/90 VA. She m. George C. WALKER 1Dec 1809 in Elbert Co., GA.
2. Lucy b. 1791 VA. She m. 1st Frederick RODGERS.
She m.2nd William HOLLAND and went to Jackson Co., MS ca 1815.
3. Sarah b. 1796 VA. She m. Tarleton Solomon WARD and went to Jackson Co., MS.
4. William b. 1798 SC. He. m. Elizabeth WARD and also went to MS.
5. Bartholomew Gordon WARD b. 1800 SC. He m. Nancy Ann WARD b. 1803 in Tallassie, FL Territory.

The Connection:

Did John & Julia WARD come to SC & GA - on the border of Oglethorpe & Elbert Cos., GA? Yes, I think so! I also believe John3 was the son of John WARD of Albemarle Co., VA. This answers a lot of questions. William CHILDRESS of VA & John WARD of VA were 1st cousins. Time slot is correct. The 3 couples, WARDs who married CHILDRESSes, were 2nd cousins.

I must apologize to Betty for not responding to her letter and following up on her research. There is just too much going on in my life lately. The CHILDRESS link intrigues me and sounds very good. But how does Elizabeth KNIGHT fit into this puzzle? Is this John WARD3 different than the one who settled at Bon Secour ca 1793? The baptism records of Nancy Ann states she is the daughter of John WARD and Elizabeth KNIGHT of Bon Secour. How do we reconcile this? This record does, however, state John was a native of Virginia!

I certainly agree with Betty that more research is needed on this WARD lineage. And I am very pleased to see that another researcher has separated this lineage from the Charleston, SC WARDs. I am even more pleased that Betty's health has allowed her to return to her research.

Joyce Penton Schnoor <SchnoorJP@aol.com> of Milton, FL sent me quite a bit of information on the murder of Sheriff John W. PENTON. I stated in the last newsletter that I would bring you the story, but despite the amount of information Joyce sent me, I have had a difficult time trying to paraphrase it keeping it from getting too big and still retaining the whole story. Part of it comes from Wyley WARD's book "The Case of Sheriff John W. Penton" and the rest from newspaper clippings.

John W. PENTON was the oldest son of Moses T. & Martha PENTON and born in AL in 1844. He enlisted in

Page 3

the 1st FL Infantry (CSA) in 1861and was wounded at the Battle of Chickamauga. After the War he moved to Covington Co., AL and ca 1868 he married Josephine WARD, the daughter of James N. WARD & Eveline HOGG. Their issue:

James T. (Dick)
Troy C.
Agnes who m. Joseph JERNIGAN
Voncile who m. C. A. McKINNON

As sheriff, John PENTON confronted Robert E. CRUMPLER in front of a saloon in Andalusia, AL 18 Jun 1888 with an order to confiscate CRUMPLER's team of horses for an outstanding debt. A fight broke out and Penton shot Crumpler who died the next day. Both were well-established citizens of Andalusia and both had influential friends. A long, drawn out legal battle followed.

Excerpts from the Pensacola Daily News:

That Penton was a desperate man is true; that he killed his man, was tried there for and was convicted of murder, is also true; that he braved the officers of the court and walked out of the courtroom after conviction is not denied -- it is also true.

Crumpler was the only man he ever killed.

He was sheriff of Covington Co., AL when he committed that deed, which seemed to lack justification, but before that he was, and since that he has been regarded as a peaceable man. He was, however, looked upon as a man whom it wouldn't do to fool with, but he never drank to excess and was never known to be quarrelsome.

Penton lived a half mile from Milton and was engaged in the logging business.

John W. PENTON was killed in a gun battle on the main street of Milton 9 May 1891. A man by the name of W. D. CHEATHAM and his "posse" were responsible. John's brother Ab had tried to come to his aid. Cheatham claimed to have authority from the Governor of AL to bring Penton back dead or alive and was allowed to return to AL.

The citizens of Milton were outraged that John W. Penton was not arrested in a proper manner. The local sheriff had not been involved until after the fight had taken place.

From Frank Ward <fward@ghg.net> the family of Franklin Jones WARD & Mary Elizabeth HUGHES printed in "A History of Geneva, Alabama":

Franklin Jones WARD was born September 16, 1855. He died on January 11, 1947. Mr. Ward married Mary Elizabeth HUGHES. She was born on July 2, 1867 and died on May 16, 1940. They occupied the Kelley-Ward home in Eunola and Geneva for 45 years. They bought the house from the builder and moved into it in 1898 and raised their family of 4 boys and 4 girls in the home. Mr. And Mrs. Ward are both buried in the Eunola Cemetery. The following information was made available for this publication by their youngest daughter Mary Chapman Ward Beall:

1.Frank Hugh, b. 23 Mar 1894; d. 9 Aug 1967. He m. Abbie ROACH.
2. Clyde Jones, b. 21 Sep 1892; d. 5 Nov 1953. He m. Ruth STRICKLAND.
3. Susie Mae, b. 12 May 1894; d. 9 Sep 1985. She m. William O. DAUGHTRY.
4. Shelley Alto, b. 3 Feb 1896. He m. Mittie HERRING.
5. Florrie Elizabeth, b. 12 Dec 1898; d. 22 Nov 1985. She m. Carey DANEY.
6. Annie Campbell, b. 12 Aug 1901. She m. J. Frank THOMPSON.
7. Columbus (Lum) Price, b. 5 Nov 1903. He m. Mary Louise _____.
8. Mary Chapman, b. 6 Jul 1909. She m. Louis H. BEALL Sr.

[Frank J. WARD was the son of John Jackson WARD & Susan WYNN and the grandson of James B. WARD & Elizabeth ENGLISH.]

The following is an eleventh hour entry from Jerry Merritt <jerrym@beaches.net> re a James Ward in Florida in 1827:

While looking for something else during a trip to Pensacola Monday, I found the following in the Pensacola Library. I think you will all find this interesting.

In the Territorial Papers of the United States, Volume XXIII, pages 948-949 was a Petition to Congress by Inhabitants of Jackson County, Dec 11, 1827.

Among the signers were:

John Ward
Nathan Ward
James Ward
Matthew Tucker
John Roach
John Smith

All of these names fall within a span of 13 lines on page 217 of the 1830 Dale County census. This seems to indicate that the Wards listed are closely connected and that the James Ward listed is James B. Ward whom we know to be on page 217 of the 1830 Dale County Census.

In 1830 all of these Wards were in either the 30-40 or 40-50 age brackets and could, therefore, be brothers.

A note at the end of the list of names states that they are citizens of the county and is signed by Jos M White, Delegate.

Ron, don't know if this is too late for your upcoming newsletter. Hope not. Jerry Merritt

I questioned Jerry about the nature of the petition and he

Page 4

responded with the following e-mail:

When I found these names, I was pretty sure it was just a coincidence of Wards so I didn't copy everything down. When I checked the names that carried forward to 1830 Dale County, however, I knew this was a new find -- for me at least. All I copied was that it was petition to the Territory of Florida pertaining to a village in the 16th section of Jackson County. Apparently they wanted money because they mention enhancing the value of the school lands. It mentioned that there were 4 stores, the offices of legal and medical men, clerks, sheriff & marshal and several private dwellings already in place. There were about 140 names on the petition.

From Helen Ward Anderson <helensue@swbell.net> of McGregor, TX:

Ron, I am searching for information on and ancestors of Newitt Ward, Sr. b. 1765 SC. Died abt 1861 in MS Lawrence County. Wife was Junicy (mnuk) b. 1771 in SC. Their son David C was b. 1910 in GA. Son Jesse b. 1811 in GA married Delaney Daniel b. 1819 of MS Lawrence County. Another son was Newit Hobbs Ward b. 1814 in GA, wife Anna Unity Ward b. 1820 in MS. Jesse's children were all born in MS. They were Mary Elizabeth b. 1839, Melissa b. 1842, William b. 1844, Robert b. 1846, Willis b. 1848, James b. 1850 and Martha b. 1851. Willis married Harriett Hudspeth b. 1854 in MS also.

Willis moved his family to Texas and appears on the 1880 census in Cherokee Co., TX. Willis and Harriett Ward are my ggrandparents.

I am especially interested in info concerning Newitt WARD Sr. Please contact me if you have run across any of these names in your search.

Clay Hogue <hogue@cyberspy.com> of Tampa, FL:

Hi Ron, My name is Clay Hogue and I am a direct descendant of Cilestine Ward. My info is the same as yours regarding "Teen" down through William Wallace Tucker.

William Wallace Tucker m. Daisy Bell Knowles (1883-1959). They had a daughter, Myrtle Lewey (1908-1988) who m. Walter Howard Morgan (1903-1961). Myrtle & Walter had a daughter, Luna Inez (1943- ), who is my mother.

I just started tracing my genealogy about a month ago and have been consolidating research done by previous relatives. The above info was obtained from a report produced by Evelyn Tucker in 1965. This report has a little info on the Wards and Bakers (including the "Battle Hymn of the Bakers."

I would like to share my info with you if you are interested. You have a great website. Thanks.

From Joie Humphrey <joie4john@webtv.net>:

I am searching for Charles Franklin WARD. was born 1899 or 1900. In the late 50's lived in Horse Cave, KY. Last known wife's name was Ruth, she was several years younger than he. His mother was Pearl DOBSON, died Apr. 1912, Father was Ollie Richard Allen WARD died July 1938. Hope you can make a connection from this information. Sincerely, Joie

From Wayne Ward <doublew@vvm.com>:

HI, I'm just dropping an e-mail to see if you have anything on my ancestors. I have read your page and haven't seen any ties but I know very little about the WARDs of my line other that they were from Edwards Station in Hinds County, MS. I can go back to an A. J. Ward, 1807-1880 who married Mary Sophia Jackson, 1827-1897. She was from WV, but I don't know where AJ was from. So many Wards. Just thought you may have something of help. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks.

From Faye <Quodon@aol.com>:

I am looking for information on John W. WARD, b. 12/16/1836 AL; d. 6/2/1890 Louisville, Winston Co., MS. He m. Thalitha/Telitha N. PIERCE, b. 12/15/1837; d. 2/7/1916 Louisville, Winston Co., MS. Children:

1. Lula Mae WARD, b. 3/18/1872; d. 10/15/1941 Louisville, Winston Co., MS. She married James Edward CROWELL.
2. C. T. WARD, b. 9/29/1857; d. 12/10/1926. There may be other children, but not that I have found. Also, I was told that Jackson Ward was the father of JOHN W. WARD but I have not found proof of that. Thanks, Faye

Rest in Peace

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Betty Perkins of Bellville, IL also sent me the names of five WARD cousins who died in 1998: Randall Hylman Nelson of Carbondale, IL; Raymond Debe Callaway of Daphne, AL; William (Billy) Askbel Callaway; Jack Dempsey Callaway; and Mary Ellen Childress Rouse of Lucedale, MS.

I had corresponded with Mary Ellen the past 5 or 6 years and always enjoyed hearing from her. She was quite a lady and very supportive of the newsletter and my efforts to find the truth. She always gave me much encouragement and I will miss her a lot.

Hither & Yon

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A few of the patents I found at "The Official Land Patent Site" <http://glorecords.blm.gov/> and was able to download copies of the originals:

Page 5

John C. WARD (1) & George T. WARD (1), sons of James Melvin WARD & Martha NICHOLS of Escambia Co., FL.
Starkes BAKER (2) of Walton Co., FL.
Elijah WARD (2) of Walton Co., FL.
Bartholomew CHILDRESS (3) of Jackson Co., MS.
Samuel NICHOLS (5) of Henry Co., AL.
Patrick WARD (1) of Jackson Co., MS.
Moses B. WARD, assignee of Lah-Pahm-ba (Choctaw Certificate)
Bartholomew CHILDRESS of Jackson Co., MS (3)

Excerpt from Duke Vickrey <SGVICK@aol.com> of Gulf Breeze, FL commenting on the list mentioned in the last issue of the newsletter. Duke has also done a tremendous job on the GenWeb sites of W. FL in regards to Land Patents. He has created a searchable database called an Index for Reconstructed Tract Book from GLO automated records.

Ron, I would like to comment on the Walton Co. "patriotism issue". I put together the list of 1st FL Union Calvary soldiers on the Walton Co. GENWEB site for the Walton County Discussion Group hosted by Tonia Porter. The purpose was to help Walton Co. genealogists determine if their relatives fought in that unit. I thought there would be a reasonable probability that a fair number of the soldiers on the list had a Walton Co. connection. However, except for those soldiers on the list that are related to me or married to relatives of mine (and there are 12 of them), I don't know for sure that any had a Walton Co. connection. It wasn't my purpose to show that Walton Co. had more support for the Union than other parts of Florida. I don't know if it did. But my suspicion is that Walton County, or at least West Florida, had less dedication to the Confederacy than the rest of Florida.

Duke is taking another close look at this research and promised to share the results.

In October of 1996 Mark Curenton of Apalachicola, FL sent me a muster roll he had compiled himself of the 6th Alabama Cavalry, Co. K. This company was from Walton Co., FL, but is usually overlooked as being a Florida unit. In fact, it was left out of Hartman's "Biographical Rosters of Florida's Confederate and Union Soldiers."

Recently I was comparing notes with Duke on the Civil War in W. FL and was looking at the above muster roll once again. This time the name of "Scoval Nicholas" caught my attention; he enlisted August 31, 1863 in Walton Co., FL. Now it does not take much of a stretch to turn this name into Coval NICHOLS, husband of Sarah WARD and brother of Martha Nichols WARD, wife of James Melvin WARD. I checked with Duke and he had already made this assumption.

Coval was killed in a feud with the WARD family near the end of the Civil War. Sarah filed for a widow's CSA pension to the state of Florida in 1909 stating her husband had served in the 1st FL Regiment, Co. B under Capt. Frank Lyons. A witness for the application was John B. CLARY, husband of Martha BAKER, who had known Sarah 50 or 60 years. The application was denied because the name "Coval Nichols" could not be found on any rolls.

Could the reason have been that his name had been recorded wrong? By the way, there was no Frank Lyons in Company K and a check of the 1850 & 1860 Walton County census shows no NICHOLAS family.

In the last newsletter I mentioned that Dr. Brian Rucker of Milton, FL was working on a new book. That book, Encyclopedia of Education in Antebellum Pensacola, is now available.

From his flyer:

For the first time in one handy reference volume a complete account is now available for every school, educational facility, and teacher known to have existed in Pensacola, Florida, between 1821 and the Civil War. This valuable resource tool will prove essential to historians, librarians, genealogists, and anyone desiring a scholarly record of the many institutions and individuals that strived to bring education to the citizens of antebellum Pensacola.

The book is comb-bound, 8 1/2 x 11, vi, 149 pp., with Preface, Acknowledgements, Introduction, Text, Photographs, Bibliography, & Index. Cost $19.95 + $2.50 shipping - Florida residents add 6.5% Sales Tax.

The book can be ordered from:

Patagonia Press
P. O. Box 284
Bagdad, FL 32530

With Thanks & Appreciation to:

  • To Aleta McElwain & Betty Perkins for their continued support of the newsletter.
  • To Laura McGinley for the "Mississippi Mud Puppies" at Christmas - they were grrreat!
  • And thanks to everyone who has made this issue of the newsletter possible.

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