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Homeville Antique Fire Dept.
32 Center St.
Homer, NY 13077-1519
(607)-749-4466 (Voice or FAX)

Mahlon W. Irish Jr.- Owner


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Homeville Antique Fire Department to become part of larger Museum Complex!



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1920 American LaFrance type 12 pumper Reg #3073

(Original owner Ferndale MI)


1927 Brockway/American LaFrance pumper Reg #120-C-1268

(Original owner Homer NY)


1935 Ward LaFrance pumper Reg # Unknown

(Orignal owner Marathon NY)


1935 American LaFrance 600 GPM 50' Peter Pirsch wooden aerial Reg # L-702

(Original owner Hornell NY)


1947 American LaFrance 700 series 1000 GPM pumper Reg #9072

(Original owner Corning NY)


1950 American LaFrance 700 series 85' Tractor-Drawn aerial Reg # L-4214

(Original owner Hewlett NY)


1951 American LaFrance 700 series 1000 GPM pumper Reg # L-4345

(Original owner Watkins Glen NY)


1954 American LaFrance 700 series 1000 GPM pumper Reg# L-4919

Original owner Geneva NY)


1954 American LaFrance 700 series 1000 GPM pumper Reg # L-5162 

(Original owner Suffern NY)


1958 American LaFrance 700 series 75' straight frame aerial Reg # N-378 

(Original owner N. Belmore NY)


1959 Dodge-American LaFrance Little Mo Crash Truck Reg # 8.1.2291 

(Original owner Louisville FD, Massena, NY)


1968 American LaFrance 900 series 70' Aero-Chief platform Reg# 7.1.1002 

(Original owner Manville NJ)


1970 American LaFrance 900 series 1500 GPM pumper Reg # 8.1.2291  

(Original owner Great Neck NY)


1973 Ward LaFrance Ambasador 1000 GPM pumper Reg # 80-847  

(Original owner Homer NY)


1981 American LaFrance Century series 1000 GPM pumper Reg # CE-7146 

(Original owner FDNY)             


The "Station" building



    The Homeville Antique Fire Department started in 1979 with the purchase of the 1927 Brockway truck and has grown over the years to what you see listed above. The apparatus are stored in a 48' x 60' steel building erected in 1994. All the apparatus except the '27 Brockway and the '35 Ward LaFrance are fully equipped and operational. Those two units are undergoing frame up restorations. I offer information, parts, manuals, and paint numbers and other technical assistance to anyone needing such American LaFrance related info. If I do not have it, I can more likely than not, get you in touch with some one who does.
    If you want to visit us we are located in Homer, New York, which is just off interstate route 81 at exit 12. Take the NYS Route 11 off ramp of the exit and turn to the left at the bottom of the ramp onto route 11 North. Take the first left off the exit onto Copeland Avenue. We are less than a block up the street on the right. The driveway is between house # 9 and #11 Please call prior so that I can make arrangements to meet you there, and a good weather day is better because the trucks are "jam packed" into the building.

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