John B. Matthews, M.D.

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Ada bindings Sample code and thin bindings for MacOS
Apple II Apple II sample code.
BBEdit 9.x Ada 95 & 05 Codeless Language Modules.
Database A Practical Introduction to Oracle relational database.
Java Miscellaneous Java programs.
Hex Dump An old favorite using Ada streams.
Jumble A program to unscramble words, in Ada.
Lady GtkAda animation demo for Mac OS X or Linux.
Latööcarfians A "strangely attractive" Java program.
MacArachAttack Notes on running Arachnophilia on Mac OS X.
My résumé Fascinating reading:-)
Numerics Generic_Roots implementations for Ada.Numerics
RobotChase Some basic object-oriented design patterns in Java.
Sharing Building and using shared Ada libraries on MacOS X.
War A simulation of the card came, in Ada.

"Let him who hath understanding count the number of the Beast:
for it is the number of Man; and its number is -rw-rw-rw-." rec.humor.funny

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