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I feel that students have high expectations when they attend a class for technical instruction.  This is perfectly reasonable.  Students expect the instructor to have read the course materials and to have practiced the labs in the curriculum.  And just as importantly, they also expect the instructor to help them go beyond the book and give them practical tips and techniques that can be applied to their working environment immediately following the class.   In addition to these student expectations, it is critical that the instructor builds concepts and provides an environment that makes the students feel they can ask questions and won't be ridiculed for it.

When I attend a class, I try to take out of that experience what I like about the instructor and the learning environment and what I think can be improved.  I then try to incorporate the good points and the improvements into my own classes.

I am a Master Certified Novell Instructor (CNI), a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), a Santa Cruz Operations (SCO, recently purchased by Caldera, Inc., a developer of LINUX) UnixWare Advanced Computer Engineer (ACE), a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and a Chauncey Group Certified Technical Trainer (CTT).   I am also an Institute of Network Professionals (INP) Certified Network Professional (CNP) as well as being A+ Certified through the Computer Training Industry Associates (CompTIA).  I have consulted and taught in the computer field for over 14 years.  I teach ALL of the Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) curriculum.  GroupWise and BorderManager (TCP/IP & firewalls) are my specialty courses.

Twelve years ago I had been teaching applications, such as WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3, to students for four years in community colleges and businesses around the Kansas City metropolitan area.  In 1989 I made the decision to become a internetwork trainer.  I decided to first become a CNE because my students would be CNEs-in-training and I wanted to have credible experience to back up my internetwork teaching skills.  By 1991, I had obtained my CNE and I then gained my CNI and started training as an independent instructor.  Being an independent CNI meant that I now traveled from the East Coast to the West Coast to teach internetwork classes.

Starting in 1992 I realized I needed to understand TCP/IP exceptionally well, because it was definitely the future of networking.  I have been teaching TCP/IP Routing courses since that time for SCO UnixWare, Novell and Microsoft products.  In 1999 I attended an intensive boot camp for Cisco Network Academy that lasted  four weeks.  This prepared me to teach in community colleges through Cisco's Networking Academy Program.  I have recently updated my CCNA by attending a boot camp in Atlanta and passing the CCNA 2.0 test.  In addition to Internet technologies I have also worked diligently to improve my hardware skills (so critical to resolving networking issues) and so have been teaching A+ courses for over five years.  I have taught Linux/UNIX Fundamentals, Administration and Shell Programming courses in the United States and Europe as well.

I make it a point to take every Alpha and Beta exam from Novell.  This gives me a chance to see what the tests will be like for my students, as well as gives me a heads up on what topics the new curriculum will cover.

I also correspond often with fellow teachers I have met through travel as a contract instructor.  These teachers are my best resources to know what classroom setup glitches to avoid.  They tell me how certain vendor products actually function, and are a lifeline for me when I have either a student question or classroom setup problem that I can't solve.

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