Starfleet Marine Uniform Descriptions

created by Bradley Clark  on 1-5-0

Starfleet Marines wear a form-fitting high turtleneck collared dark green 1 piece environmental jumpsuit with numerous pockets of various sizes, high top combat boots (which some Earth Marines refer to as Black Cadillacís much to the puzzlement of the other non-Earth marines) and a dark green beret with the Federation flag as a cap badge. There are some exceptions and additions to the uniform; they are as follows:

  • Security Auxiliaries wear a black armband with white bold letters (SP) worn on the left arm.
  • Starfleet Marine Armored personnel wear a black beret. Standard regiments have a silver stylized 20th century main battle tank as the cap badge. Armored Regiments that trace their origins back to pre-existing armored regiments wear those units cap badges.
  • Starfleet Marine Corps Force Recon personnel wear a red beret with the old USMC globe and anchor badge.
  • Starfleet Marine Fighter pilots wear outspread eagle wings on the left breast. Marine assault shuttle pilots wear a single wing on the left side of their jumpsuits.
  • Starfleet Marine officers belonging to the JAG Corps wear stylized balances as a cap badge.
  • Rank insignia is worn on the left side of the collar, whether by enlisted or commissioned personnel.
  • On the left shoulder all SFMC personnel wear their divisional badges and on the right shoulder, marines wear a starshipís badge or a starbase crest.
  • Starfleet Marines are also issued an assault vest which also has numerous cargo pockets for phaser recharge packs, PADDS, etc. It gives +2 protection vs. energy attacks and +2 vs. physical attacks.
  • Although it is not authorized, some Marine commanders will allow traditional weapons to be carried while in the field. The only stipulation usually is that they approve it and that the individual is proficient in the use of the weapon. Marine commanders usually do not authorize the use of spears and or polearms.

Starfleet Marine Uniform Images

created by Richard Spake  on 1-15-0