Sequence Number

FF 00 02 ss ss


FF 00 00

This optional event must occur at the beginning of a MTrk (ie, before any non-zero delta-times and before any midi events). It specifies the sequence number. The two data bytes ss ss, are that number which corresponds to the MIDI Cue message. In a format 2 MIDI file, this number identifies each "pattern" (ie, Mtrk) so that a "song" sequence can use the MIDI Cue message to refer to patterns.

If the ss ss numbers are omitted (ie, the second form shown above), then the MTrk's location in the file is used. (ie, The first MTrk chunk is sequence number 0. The second MTrk is sequence number 1. Etc).

In format 0 or 1, which contain only one "pattern" (even though format 1 contains several MTrks), this event is placed in only the first MTrk. So, a group of format 0 or 1 files with different sequence numbers can comprise a "song collection".

There can be only one of these events per MTrk chunk in a Format 2. There can be only one of these events in a Format 0 or 1, and it must be in the first MTrk.