TR7 Rover diff above, Ford Tbird 8.8 below

Using laser to help locate axle centerline, used again to locate 8.8 in fixture prior to welding on lower mounts

Using level to set height of jig arms.

Lower arms and metal jig parts are screwed to the wooden  base.

Not very high tech, but effective and repeatable

Ta Da!  Completed jig ready to accept Ford diff
TR7 diff removed from jig
Cutting brackets from Ford diff
Modification to brake caliper bracket to flip it to the inside of the outer flange. This moves brakes in to match narrower axles
Cut off and ground smooth
Ford diff in fixture, tacking on new brackets
Bottom brackets tacked in place
Rear closing plate welded on bottom bracket
Diff flipped out of fixture for finish welding
Fabbing up shock mount brackets
Finished upper bracket
Checking alignment of upper arms

Top forward view of upper bracket

The next series of pictures shows my method of swapping the Ford 8.8 into the TR7. I used a 1987 Thunderbird Turbocoupe diff, and am switching to Superior's Mustang axles, which will make the overall width 1 1/2 inches narrower.

Finished shock mounting
View of the 3 new mounts


new axles and bearings installed
view of cut down axle flange for Merkur wheel