When the GP35 was first released I first modified them into GP35E and GP35R's, then went looking for any other loco that could use that chassis. The only other one I found was the GP28. It was an easy modification requiring radiator fan movement, a flat exhaust compartment hatch, and normal aspiration. Since I don't model any of the railroads that owned one, I ended up making one in the mythical paint scheme of the San Diego SONS layout, the Pacific Desert Lines.

   I was a member of the SDSONS from 82' to 91'. We had talked for years on a club paint scheme, but even after the club began automated running for the public no one was willing to do the work. I finally got tired of seeing Pennsylvania engines at the San Diego depot and took it upon myself to paint the equipment. I had to design a scheme with the club colors (Maroon and gray), using paints decals and details that were readily available so other members could easily duplicate the scheme. The first two U30C's went over so well they gave me free reign to continue. I soon made eleven others for them, some even though I had moved away.  I liked the scheme so much I decided to make up a string of them for my home layout. The GP35, GP28 and SD28 I made up are a great looking set of visitors to SP country.