Ancestors (Smith - Rivait - Hayes - Derouchie)

Welcome to my personal family genealogy site. I can't say for sure if the information is correct so parts of the site may change due to neverending research.

Through my research, it appears that a big chunk of my family history takes place in Vermont for a very long time on both sides of my family. I am always interested in information that people can contribute if they can fill in gaps of my family history.

You can contact me by clicking my name on the bottom of the page.

My pedigree charts will start with my grandparents and build their way up.

Pedigree Charts

Father's Side
Mother's Side
Robert Wilbur Smith Sr
Elizabeth Marie Rivait
Thelma Ruth Hayes

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NEW!!! - Diary of Myron A. Clark was posted. He died in the battle of Gettysburg.

BLOG - I started a blog about my research.

Unknown People from Vermont

My son purchased two albums from two different people since he was interested in old photos from Vermont. The first album provides some clues as to who the people were but the second album provided little information. The following links takes you to FLICKR.

Album 1 - This album originated from New Haven, Vermont. (Also hosted on Click to view them here instead.)

Album 2 - The only thing known about this album was that it came from ''Northern Vermont''.

Prepared by: Joey Smith

Last updated September 4, 2008