WBC Middle Earth Pre-Con 2014 War of the Ring Tournament

Last Update 11/30/2013

Due to the high turnout last year, I will be keeping the same format this year as single elimination with a Mulligan round on Saturday afternoon, and the full tournament starting on Saturday night with Round 1. The logistics of how that works will be anyone who wins a game on Saturday will be eligible for the 2nd round on Sunday morning at 9am. Please confirm that you will be playing in the single elimination tournament if you win in the Mulligan round..

The tournament will be a continuous bracket single elimination format. So once games are completed and the next pair of opponents have won, they can start their next game for the next round right away so hopefully less waiting. My goal is to aim for 4 hours to complete each game and plan to get in 3-4 rounds on Sunday depending on the amount of players who sign up for the tournament. So the rough schedule of start times each round will be:

Mulligan: Saturday 1 or 2pm
Round 1: Saturday 7pm

Round 2: Sunday 9am
Round 3: Continuous on Sunday.

The final will then be played Sunday night or Monday morning (or finish anytime before Tuesday 6pm), assuming only 2 participants are left by the end of Sunday night. If 4 are left, then the semi-final round will start at 9am Monday and the Final would be Monday at approximately 2pm (or finish anytime before Tuesday 6pm). Obviously if some games run long, the tournament will only be able to progress as quick as the slowest result, so some games for next rounds might start sooner than others and some varying delays between rounds might happen if other games run quick and their upcoming opponent games run long. Please check in with the GM if you plan on leaving the area for dinner or a break so you know when to be back for the next round so additional delays are not incurred.

4 hours 50 minutes after the round start times will be a hard adjudication time. So if you want more time to play your game, arrive earlier with a copy and have it setup before the round start time. Due to the single elimination format, ultra slow play could cause the whole tournament to shift out of balance, so I will be adjudicating at the 4 hours 50 minute mark for all but semi-final and final games. From previous history, only 1 or 2 games have actually dragged on that long and mostly due to lack of familiarity with rules of play that caused rules lookup delays and circular strategies. The vast majority of games have completed in less than 4 hours.

The 2nd edition standard game (no expansions) will be the version that will be used.  First edition game copies can be used to play 2nd edition rules and a sheet of the rules tweaks will be provided.  So make sure to bring along your copy of the game.   We had 8-10 games a round occurring last year, so that means 8-10 copies of the game are needed.  Thank you to everyone who brought games in 2013 as we just had enough.  Please bring them again and if others have copies you are assured a spot if you come with a copy of the game.

Eliminators will be used in the final rounds to avoid byes if necessary. 1st. Gm. 2nd. An Asst. Gm. 3rd. Most wins who lost but is willing to play an additional game.

See everyone at the end of July!

Kevin Wojtaszczyk