Accel DFI Gen VI Resources

Hot Key
Accel DFI Hot Key Table - Credit to Chris Chow  
"Q" or Esc Exit any current screen  
Space Bar When in the Base fuel or Timing map will allow modifications to real-time data. Same as the "E" key.  
When in the Base fuel or Timing map will allow modifications to real-time data. Same as the Space Bar.  
Timing Map  
Base Fuel Map  
When in Base Fuel or Timing map allows "GHOSTING" function on map cells. To keep track of where the load cell has been.  
Virtual Dash - in Virtual Dash mode. NOTE: Hitting the "1" or "2" key in virtual dash allows different sensors to be displayed.  
Acceleration Enrichment (MAP based)  

Gen VI DFI Parts Resellers

White Racing still sells a variety of parts for Accel and F.A.S.T.
YearOne still sells the calmap software

Gen VI DFI Manuals

(V)ariable (I)njector (C)ontroller Installation Manual - PDF Format
CALMAP Manual Gen6 - PDF Format

How to build an Accel DFI communications cable.
Credit to Goat at for this information

By: Goat
Version: 1.0
Last Updated: February 28, 2004


I have an Accel DFI Gen. 6 EFI system controlling fuel delivery to my motor. The system it's self is pretty sweet, but it has one drawback. When you purchase the system, nothing is included that allows you tune the setup; you have to spend either $125 on a hand-held tuner that is complete garbage or $212 on an interface cable to connect the ECM to a computer. I'm sorry but $200+ is way too much for a cable that should be included with the kit, also Accel has discontinued all support of this system in order to push it's new Gen 7 setup. So, to make a long story short, Accel pissed me off and with help of my buddies; we found a way to screw Accel out of $212.

Here is the schematic on how to wire up the cable to the ECM.

You will also need to source the connector to plug into the ECM. This is a standard GM style Weather-Pak connector that you can find in the junkyard or even at some parts stores. The only difference is in the actual contacts (you must change the gender) but a set of replacement contacts are available at a parts store for around $2. You will also need to a serial connector, 4 1uF Ceramic Disc Capacitors (if tantalum caps are used then you must observe polarity), TI Max 232 (or NTE 7142) chip and some wire. There is a compete parts list at the bottom as well as possible sources for parts.

The schematic is self-explanatory, follow it when you are building the circuit. After the circuit is complete you are ready to wire it to the ECM. Consult the table for proper wiring

ECU Wires
Cable Wires


+5 VDC

The colors of wires listed are for ECU model # 015013. You can also use the calmap cable connector as a guide, the termials should be labeled with letters A thru D. A goes to ECM Rx, B to ECM Tx, C to 5 VDC and D to Ground. If you have a different model you must use that ECU's pinouts.

Parts List:

Part Qty.
1 µF Cap 4
DB 9 Female 1
Max 232N 1
18 Ga. Wire N/A

If you have a local electronics store you might be able to complete the list there. Radio Shack is only good for the DB9, wire and possibly the caps. You can order a 'demo' of the Max 232 for free from TI (demo just means a free sample of the chip, it is not altered in any way from the one you would purchse.) but you'll have to wait a couple of weeks.You can also order all the parts from Digi-Key.

Once you have completed the circuit you may feel like adding some finishing touches like a case for the board and some covering for the wire. Believe it or not heat shrink tubing makes a great shell and it is probably the easiest solution to bundling the wires. Here is a picture of our completed cable.