1957 Pontiac Safari Transcontinental

My Safari is the same color as the one in this ad. I'm thinking of changing the color to turquois and white.

The Safari Transcontinental station wagon was the top of the line wagon for Pontiac in 1957. Approximately 1894 were made. It was introduced midway through the model year along with the Bonneville fuel injected convertible. This wagon came standard with leather upholstery, reclining passenger seat, 10:1 compression ratio 270hp 347ci V8 engine, and a chrome luggage rack. The Transcontinental also has special trim (rear quarters) which differentiates it from the regular Pontiac wagons. This trim is similar to the trim on the rear quarters of the Bonneville.

The car has the following options: power brakes, power steering, Wonderbar AM radio, posi-trac rear end, and aftermarket air conditioning. One original accessory it has is a traffic light viewer. This is a prism that mounts on the dash. The color of the traffic light reflects in it so you can tell if the light is red or green (helpful if you are close enough to the light that the car roof blocks your view of it). This viewer came as part of the exterior visor option. The exterior visor has been removed - you can see the bondo repaired mounting points in the photos below. I am not going to replace the visor.

My wagon needs a complete restoration. I have the complete dash with correct vents from a '57 Pontiac with air conditioning that I am going to install so the A/C will look factory original and I can get rid of the unit hanging under the dash. I have a power seat frame also. The original front seat was missing from this car when I bought it. This split bench seat with the reclining passenger side was only used in this model and, as far as I have been able to find, was never used in any other model in any year. So, what are the chances of finding a replacement? I did! I found a Transcontinental in Oregon that was being parted and I had the seat shipped down, along with the luggage rack. At this point, I have nearly every part I need to restore the wagon: door and window rubber, replacement chrome, light lenses, etc. I just need time and a few $$$.

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Updated February 5, 2005