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The Turkey City Writer's Workshop and Neo-Pro Rodeo (to use it's full, seldom-invoked appellation) is a long-running Texas science fiction institution. Though it used to float around the state back during its dim, misty beginnings in the 1970s, it's been firmly ensconced in Austin since the 1980s. I (Lawrence Person) ran the workshop as Designated Turkey City Organizational Stooge from 1989-1999, at which point Bruce Sterling took over organizational as well as hosting duties in his spiffy new house from 1999-2004, I ran it again 2005-2006, and Chris Nakashima-Brown took over hosting duties in 2007..

How does Turkey City Work?

Turkey City is a professional, peer-to-peer, no-holds-barred, check-your-ego-at-the-door kind of workshop. Everyone brings copies of 7,500 word or less story, we read them all in the morning, have lunch, then dissect each in turn during the afternoon. During the critique, the writer being flayed has to sit there silently and take it like a man (or woman, as the case may be). Once all the stories have been critiqued, there's an open Turkey City Party to help salve the wounds of outrageous criticism.

Who are some past and current members of Turkey City?

The following people are among those who have attended Turkey City:

How Do I Join?

Well, unless you have professional writing credentials (in SF or otherwise), or another Turkey Citizen recommends you, you don't. Turkey City isn't a beginners workshop. (If you're looking for a teacher-to-peer SF workshop, try looking at Clarion.) On the other hand, if you live somewhere in Texas, have your own transportation, some writing bonifides, and a burning desire to write SF, contact Bruce, Chris, or myself, and we'll see if you have the stuff.

The Turkey City Lexicon

When I have time, I'm going to put up an updated version of the Turkey City Lexicon. Until then, take a look at this version up on the SFWA site.
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