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Nova Express is a Hugo-nominated science fiction critical magazine featuring interviews, articles, criticism, and reviews. It was founded in 1987 and has so far published a total of 22 issues. It's published on an irregular basis.

Please note that the print edition of Nova Express has been on hiatus since 2002, and will probably be reborn as some sort of multi-user blog. But back issues are still available.

This web site will show what's in past and present issues and what's coming up next. We'll also start putting up content from out-of-print issues, but there's not a lot up here yet.

Part of Volume 5, Issue 1 is now online, including an interview with Gene Wolfe.

Current Issue: Volume 6, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2002
Features two long interviews with Paul Di Filippo, plus an article on his work by Chris Nakashima-Brown and a review of Strange Trades by Fiona Kelleghan. Also in this issue, Bruce Gillespie on Avram Davidson's short fiction, Bruce Sterling on Zoran Zivkovic, plus the usual batch of reviews.
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Last issue: Volume 6, Number 1, Spring/Summer 2001
Features an in-depth interview with Tim Powers, along with reviews of Night Moves and Declare by Fiona Kelleghan and Hank Wagner. Also in this issue, Ken MacLeod talks about why he wrote the Fall Revolution books, Justina Robson reviews China Mieville's Perdido Street Station, plus reviews by Brian Stableford, Jeff VanderMeer, Stephen Dedman, Don Webb, Russell Blackford, Jessica Reisman, and others.

Writers who have appeared in Nova Express include Neal Barrett, Jr., Stephen Baxter, Gregory Benford, James P. Blaylock, Pat Cadigan, Tom Cool, John Clute, Scott Cupp, Jack Dann, Stephen Dedman, Bradley Denton, Paul Di Filippo, Andy Duncan, Fiona Kelleghan, Neil Gaiman, Nick Gevers, Howard Hendrix, K. W. Jeter, Fiona Kelleghan, John Kessel, David Langford, Joe R. Lansdale, Brad Linaweaver, Ken MacLeod, George R. R. Martin, Holly Wade Matter, Jack McDevitt, Pat Murphy, Patrick O'Leary, Lawrence Person, Tim Powers, David Pringle, Mike Resnick, Kim Stanley Robinson, Justina Robson, David J. Schow, Bill Sheehan, Lewis Shiner, Caroline Spector, William Browning Spencer, Brian Stableford, Bruce Sterling, Sean Stewart, Jeff VanderMeer, Howard Waldrop, Cynthia Ward, Don Webb, Walter Jon Williams, and Gene Wolfe.

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