M70AB2 & M70B1 Yugoslavian Battle Rifles

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My Yugo Collection


Images of the M70AB2 AKM

M70 in use-Yugo War

M70/dog on patrol

M70's on patrol

M70 in use-Macedonia

M70 Winter/Snow use

M70 Urban patrol

M70's on patrol

M70 close up

The M70 AB2 AKM rifle is a Yugoslavian varient of the Russian AK47 rifle. It has several features that distinguish it from other AK varients: It has a heavier barrel than most AK's, it has a 1.6mm receiver similar to the receiver used on the RPK type weapons, flip up night sights front and rear, a flip up grenade sight that acts as a gas cut-off for Rifle Grenade launching, and different shaped longer and heavy duty handguards up front. Zastava Arms in Yugoslavia makes two different versions of the M70, the AB2 underfolder stock version and the M70B1, the fixed stock version. They both fire the 7.62x39mm round from a (30) round box detachable magazine. Yugo magazines have a special follower in them that allows the bolt to be caught by it when the last round is fired. Some Zastava Arms rifles have had the selector lever notched so the bolt can be held back manually. The M70 is equipped with a gas cut-off feature that allows the use of 22mm rifle grenades with special grenade launching cartridges. To launch them a 22mm diameter grenade launching adapter is screwed on in place of the slant brake or other muzzle device.

Out on the rocks

Wallpaper for the PC

Out near the wood pile

25 yard sight-in target

The business end of the M70

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Development of my M70AB2 AKM Rifle

I purchased my M70 through CenterFire Systems in Kentucky but the rifle was produced by Century International Arms. The rifle comes with a Yugo style pistol grip which I changed out to a real FN SAW type grip. Not only does the grip have a larger surface area to grasp but it also has a trap door on the bottom to hold cleaning supplies, batteries, extra rounds, etc. The rifle came with a sling but I prefer a nylon type sling and I use quick detachable mounts so I can remove the sling when not in use. Slings catch on stuff inside the house so I lose the sling until outside and needed. The rifle also came with (2) 30 round magazines, one was a Yugoslavian magazine and the other was a used German magazine. Both were in good condition. The Yugo BHO (bolt hold open) magazines use a special follower designed to catch the bolt when the last round is fired. Finding these magazines can be difficult and expensive when you do but an ordinary AK magazine can be converted to use a follower similar to the Yugo one and that is addressed in the link: "Making BHO Yugo magazines" above. One of the M70's I have is the underfolder version and it is made of very sturdy steel that folds underneath. While very compact and convenient, the cold or hot steel cheek weld is not something to look forward to. I got the idea from another Gentleman on the web who had wrapped his single tube folder stock with parachute cord (paracord)to give himself a better cheek weld. So I tried it out with the left arm of the underfolder and it worked out very well for a better cheek weld. Description and images of the process are located in the above link: "Make a paracord cheek rest".

Below link to 63rd Video and pixs

I had wanted one of the full stock versions of the M70 rifle and was able to find myself one that Century had just made in a small run. This rifle has a black parkerized finish whereas the AB2 underfolder has a dark gray park finish to it. The rifle is tight and solid feeling and the action feels like it's brother's does, smooth. The wood is in great condition and just needed minor cleaning. The supplied Yugo pistol grip was scuffed up quite a bit so I installed a SAW grip as I prefer these grips anyway. The rifle only came with one Yugo magazine and no other accessories.

More Images

M60 barrel bag holds M70 like a glove

Cetme cover holds M70 and it goes inside the M60 bag

Yugo M70 AK bayonet

Rifle Grenade loaded and ready for launch

Ready to launch MK12 RG