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Make a "paracord" cheek rest

The underfolder stock on the M70 AB2 is very sturdy and convenient but as with all underfolder type stocks the cheek weld leaves a lot to be desired. The anticipation of planting the cheek on a hot or cold piece of steel is not something to look forward to! But I saw were a Gentleman on the web had wrapped his single tube folder stock with parachute suspension line (paracord) and it worked great for him. So I tried it on the M70 underfolder left arm and it worked out good here too. Below is a series of images that show how to do the wrap.

How to start the wrap

I started with 7 feet of 3/16" paracord and had 8" left when done. I layed down an inch or so into the groove on the left side of the left arm. As with all paracord projects, melt the end of the cord to prevent fraying and smash flat while hot. Wrap as tighly as you can around the arm.

How to finish the wrap

Continue to wrap the arm to the back set of rivets and determine how much cord will be needed to finish the wrap and have another inch or so to stick back under the wrap. After determining how much will be needed, cut off the cord and then melt that end as well and smash it flat while hot. Stick the end under the last few wraps and using a small screwdriver or something similar push the end of the cord back under the last few wraps. If you keep messing with it you can get the cord pretty tightly tucked by using the screwdriver to push it under the wraps and at the same time "spin" the last few wraps to tighten them up on the tucked under end of the cord.

I have used the rifle several times since doing the wrap and it stays! It works great and now no more hot or cold steel on the cheek. And the below image shows it does not interfere with the folding up of the stock and has plenty of clearance.

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