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REVIEW of my M70 rifles

M70AB2 AKM Underfolder

REVIEW: I purchased my M70AB2 AKM through CenterFire Systems and it came in the normal Century brown cardboard box. There were (2) 30 round magazines, one a Yugo and one a normal German magazine. It also came with a brand new Romanian Bayonet and sheath/frog, an oil bottle, a new Romanian (2) mag pouch and a leather sling. The rifle was finished in a dark gray parkerized finish and all the parts that were parkerized matched in color. The top cover has some sort of blemish inside and out near the front but I will keep an eye on it to make sure it does not grow. The underfolding stock was good and tight with very little wiggle. After using the rifle the stock has gained a little more wiggle but it is not excessive. The front and rear flip up night sights need to be touched up with new glow paint to have them function. The grenade sight that flips up is good and tight and has meter markings inside that are viewed when open. The grenade launcher adapter that screws onto the muzzle threads was not present.

The action on this rifle feels like it has been lapped with valve grinding compound it is so smooth. The Stainless carrier/bolt feels like it has been mated to the DCI receiver. The safety selector lever can be operated with the stock folded or open easily. I paid $399 plus $25 for shipping and handling and another $30 for the transfer fee. So I have right at $455 invested in this AK but it sure is a nice one that has features no other AK has.

M70B1 Full Stock Rifle

After a small run of the full stock version of the M70 rifle I finally located one in PA. Mine has a serial number is in the low 800's so the run may have been very small. This rifle cost more as they all went up after the supply and demand could not be met on the underfolders. I paid total with transfer $550 for the full stock model and it only came with one Yugo type 30 round magazine. The vendor, Broad Mountain Enterprises said that Century did not supply any other accessories for these models. The rifle is solid feeling and the parts all fit tight. After a good cleaning the action is smooth as if it had been lapped. Like the AB2 the barrel is brand new but not chrome lined. This rifle has a black parkerized finish on all the metal parts and the wood is in pretty good shape with it's Military linseed oil finish. I have notched the selector on this one as well for the manual BHO feature to go with the BHO magazines.

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